3 Ways to Bring CRM Sales Pipeline to the Next Level

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3 Ways to Bring CRM Sales Pipeline to the Next Level
by Marketing


Regardless of how well your brand is performing, it would help if you always had some proven tips to increase your sales. Competitors are always busy finding new tactics to stand, so you should always try to stay ahead of the competition. 


However, before we dig inside the science of augmenting sales, we should know where we currently stand. Generally, businesses fall in one of the four categories mentioned below: 


  • Outstanding performance in every domain.
  • Growth is slow, and you are looking for new strategies.
  • Businesses are showing poor performance as compared to last year.
  • Businesses are in serious trouble, and you are thinking of wrapping it up. 


Even if you fall in the first category, you need to make the most of this time. So, you should generate maximum revenue and save good bucks for the future. However, if your business is in the second or third category, you need to gear up your motivation. Without procrastinating things, take prompt action to save your business from falling in the fourth category. 


Well, have a look at three innovative ways to augment your sales. These tactics can bring back the business growth or even save it from a massive disaster. So, here they are: 



Create Grounds for Customer Conversations


Remember, for your brand to succeed, you need some positive activity around which prospects can revolve. Time has changed, and today digital media is providing us endless opportunities to communicate with consumers. 


But, what will be the subject? How will you start? Let’s have a look: 


Let’s say that you are a Real Estate company. You can use a CRM for real estate to find out what campaigns worked most to converts customers in the last six months. You can also determine the question people asked most and interact with them to solve their queries. 


You can even call or have a video chat because of the current pandemic. But, remember not to include any pitches in your message. All you need is to say is to solve their issue and thank them for being loyal customers. 


Once you have started the conversation, start taking a short interview. But do not make it pushy. Try to stick to your objective of developing a relationship. So, ask about their business rather than telling yours. Here are a few questions you can ask: 


  • How is the current pandemic affecting your sales? 
  • Do you have any new products in the pipeline? 
  • Are you using a new business model this year? 


Similarly, use your CRM sales pipeline to find out loyal customers but did not purchase for long. Your interaction will remind them about your brand. Again, this will show how your brand takes care of its loyal clientele. 


Now, if they jump onto questions related to your brand, give them short answers. Please do not give any answer that shows your intention to make them buy. But, once you have started a good conversation, it will create endless opportunities. 


Keep Your Brand in the Limelight 


Are you a member of the trade association, or have you joined any civic association? How about contributing to a social cause? Did your brand ever involve in such activities? If not, you are missing some most extensive sales-boosting opportunities. Instead of stalking your potential clients, make your brand visible to them. 


Many sales teams make the most of these platforms and augment their annual sales in no time. So, you can start volunteering from today. Some businesses even keep a good portion of their marketing budget for such causes. 


Furthermore, it helps your brand build connections with new people and gain a distinctive identity among other brands. For instance, your brand can donate beds, face masks, sanitizers, and other hospital equipment in countries with a shortage due to COVID-19. 


Also, try to connect with prospects from these platforms. However, avoid claims like “we are the best brand,” “we have the best quality,” etc. Additionally, you can also make your brand visible by speaking at such organizations. 


These organizations arrange events and functions every month. In such circumstances, they require speakers. If you can speak well, avail this opportunity to highlight your brand. Even if speaking and presenting is not your expertise, you can still join and donate to such organizations. 


Remember, if you won’t keep your brand in the limelight, your competitors will. Thus, it will badly affect your sales. 


Focus on Urgency 


Almost every buyer focuses on urgency rather than importance. Imagine a scenario in which the flat 50% sale is about to end. Here, buyers will buy even more than what they need. In another case, where there is no sale, buyers will keep on delaying their purchase decision. 


Since there is no urgency and the product is available at its original price, buyers will take enough time to compare the brand with other competitors. Additionally, you can use stock countdowns and time countdowns for showing the available stock and the total time left. 


At the start of COVID-19, many business owners were left in a perplexing situation. However, with time, they realized the immediate needs of consumers and acted smartly to boost sales. Furthermore, this is only possible when your business is highly adaptive. 


In this era where competition is at its peak, being adaptive is essential. Adjusting to the needs of consumers, providing things on time, and creating a sense of urgency can collectively contribute to increasing sales. 


Wrapping It Up 


In short, changing the sales game and bringing it to the next level requires acute planning and implementation. Apart from providing a commendable service, businesses should focus on finding new grounds for conversations with consumers. 


Furthermore, keeping a brand in the limelight is an intelligent approach for augmenting sales. This will showcase the brand in front of prospects, and the business will increase its connections. Similarly, acting on urgency is another helpful strategy. 


If you follow all of these three tips with consistency, your sales team will observe a positive outcome in no time.





Author Bio:

Muhammad Abdurrahman is a Computer Scientist with a passion for writing, Mobile Application Development and UI/UX Design, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many technologies and computer software-related topics. He occasionally writes articles for Real Estate CRM.