5 Signs to Change Your CRM System and Migrate to a New Platform

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5 Signs to Change Your CRM System and Migrate to a New Platform
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

5 Signs to Change Your CRM System and Migrate to a New Platform 


Imagine a situation where a company spends a lot of time, effort, and money into their customer relationship management (CRM) system.


The internal and external costs of implementation, development, updates, user support, and customer service are massive. However, the platform hasn’t kept up with said company’s needs, and the pain is beginning to set in.




Why do I need to change my CRM?


According to Capterra’s CRM Industry User Research Report, the top 5 signs to change your CRM include:


  • The former system lacked functionality options
  • The software does not evolve anymore
  • The platform’s maintenance has become too expensive
  • The solution didn’t support company size anymore
  • CRM was too hard to use and required additional training


Consequently, if your company is going through any of the problems mentioned above, it’s time to set up a game-changer process. 


There is a natural reluctance to move to a new CRM, significantly, if invested in their current system.


However, several organizations have found that the benefits of switching to a new CRM exceed the drawbacks of making the move. So let’s take a closer look at why migrating from your current CRM to a newly desired platform can make one’s business improve customer experience and increase sales.



What are the 5 signs to change CRM?


Depending on your business needs and budget, there is a wide range of factors which indicate that the time has come to make a CRM switch. Find a list of signs below and evaluate whether you find them familiar with your situation to ease the process of determining if your organization is ready for the data import.


outgrow company size


One of the big signs of moving CRM may be that the existing solution no longer suits its size. Second, you kept things small, from recruiting a handful of staff to getting the shoe-box office or collaborating with your employees remotely. 

Today, your business has expanded with several different departments and a variety of team members requiring more specialized resources to handle company processes effectively. The capacities of the company grow, along with its goals. An outdated solution can easily be the terminator of your workflows if it doesn’t have the features you need.



sign to change crm


Having a CRM with a large variety of different features isn’t always a smart idea. Sometimes the businesses overestimate the needs of their companies concerning CRM capabilities. Most of the features, in this case, are not used or even complicate business processes. Apptivo research determines CRM complexity is the number one aspect of CRM business satisfaction and data import.



sign to change crm

It is not the best scenario when your employees, especially sales managers, reject the CRM due to the different circumstances. According to Software Advice, the statistics indicate the main reasons why reps refuse CRM is that they consider it is a difficult and time-consuming solution. 


Furthermore, if the staff is required to work with a complicated solution, they can become even more frustrated and exhausted, leading to the loss of a CRM’s real intent. So when selecting a new platform, it’s crucial to find the one that lets your team members enter and access the necessary data, automate business processes, etc.



sign to change crm

It’s known that having CRM software means you are storing and using the prospects and customer’s details. However, it also means collecting EU citizen’s data should comply entirely with the General Protection Regulation (GDPR). After the new legislative standards came into force in May 2018, there has been a lot of debate about the regulations regarding revenue, marketing, etc. and costly consequences that non-compliant companies may face. 


In this situation, if your current CRM platform does not support GDPR-required capabilities, and you have to store the regulations documentation separately, you should take it seriously. Accordingly, the GDPR-compliant framework will not only help you escape legal issues and fines but will also give you the ability to ease the burden of securing and maintaining the consent of clients in a lawful manner.


So if you find that your CRM doesn’t completely comply with GDPR, it’s undoubtedly one of the signs to change CRM to the right one.



bad vendor support

Bad vendor service is another significant sign to change your CRM. Appropriate and in-depth training is required when adopting and implementing a CRM solution. In this case, selecting a CRM vendor that can allow you to get hands-on, interactive training and support is critical.


Additionally, if anything goes wrong, like a failure or a bug, you should be sure you can contact your vendor and get assistance as soon as possible. You want to avoid the worries of getting timely and trouble-free updates or running the complex integration and be sure to order the vendor consultation in case of any unforeseen problems.


There can be several signs of moving CRM that can affect your business processes, decrease your team output, and bring down your progress. Take the above information, and evaluate your current CRM solution for yourself. If you notice some of the signs in your platform, it’s time to act and move to another CRM that matches your business needs.


In this case, you can take advantage of Trujay’s automated migration service to help you move data from the existing solution to future effortlessly.




Wrap Up


So, it is essential to analyze your CRM capabilities and check whether the platform perfectly fits your business demands regularly. So, if you see any signs of migrating CRM, don’t hesitate to transfer data to the more advanced solution and open up new business opportunities.


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