The Best Online Employee Assessment Tools Of 2021

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The Best Online Employee Assessment Tools Of 2021
by Marketing


2021 has seen a lot of things, including some of the best employee assessment software to best track your performance.


Running a business with multiple employees can be a very demanding task if you want to keep things operating at an optimum level. Knowing what your employees are doing and if their performance is good enough is key to growing your business and ensuring a bright future.


However, if your company has hundreds of employees, keeping track of each employee’s performance can be a nightmare. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep a close eye on your employee performance, here are eight software solutions that will make things much more manageable.





This online quiz maker is a great tool that helps you easily create any kind of quiz you want!

This tool is super practical and very simple to use – no tech skills needed. With it, you can build an online quiz, form, or survey in just a few minutes. It’s great for collecting any data you need to keeping track of each employee’s performance and to perform an even better employee assessment.



ProProfs Online Assessment Software


propofs online assess


ProProfs offers a complete employee assessment software solution with many different built-in features designed to monitor and improve overall employee efficiency. The tool allows you to create quizzes, tests, exams, organize virtual classrooms, and conduct special skill assessment tests. These tests are an excellent method of testing and finding new candidates, as they allow you to hire people with appropriate skills for the position you need to fill.


The platform is straightforward, and it allows you to create unique tests in a matter of minutes. You can fully customize every test with your branding, custom questions, and other features. Simply distribute the test to all applicants and review their knowledge. It’s a quick, easy, and very effective enrichment tool. 







ClassMarker is a popular web-based testing solution that allows you to create special tests and quizzes used to test, train, and educate your employees. It’s fully customizable, allowing you to add your brand, unique questions, and so on. Once you’ve created the test, distribute it to everyone involved. When the results come back, the tool will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all answers.


You can also set time limits, randomize questions, provide possible answers, and much more. All classes or examinations lock with a password you then give out to each individual according to your needs. The participants will also get access to test results, and you can use the feedback tool to provide further instructions for every employee. For backing up all of this data, use a data backup tool to secure everything you customize.







iSpring is another comprehensive assessment solution with advanced automation features designed to simplify employee training and testing. It’s designed specifically for businesses that need a simple platform to conduct various training programs and improve employee engagement. It’s widely used for recertification and compliance requirements.


You can fully customize every test, assign specific roles to users, customize the portal with your brand’s identity, send emails with direct links to users, and so on. The tool offers plenty of interactive features designed to keep users engaged, a responsive design for mobile learning, hundreds of templates and programs, and an intuitive interface for fast understanding. You can use it for webinars, employee tracking and testing, and many other applications.







Codesignal is one of the most popular pre-employment testing software solutions. It’s designed with the best coding sources, and it’s excellent for employee testing, certification, and assessment. You can use it to create custom surveys, conduct individualized assessments, skill testing, proctoring, and so on. All results are displayed in detailed reports that allow you to compare candidates, test results, and so along quickly.


The software boosts productivity for testing technical skills in many different programs and coding languages. The platform includes over 1000 coding tasks ideal for testing engineers. The final Coder Score will give you a detailed breakdown of all employee skills, allowing you to find potential issues and conduct further training.



Think Exam


Think Exam


If you’re looking for an online assessment software ideal for mass testing, Think Exam is an excellent choice. It’s a unified platform that allows you to create custom tests, assign them to individuals, generate custom reports, and underline cheaters. It will enable you to create multiple collections of questions, descriptions, and multiple difficulty levels, as well as many different types of test questions.


One of the best things about this tool is that all communication is encrypted with SSL technology. Also, all tests are available for mobile users as well. Think Exam is a scalable assessment software that will help you test hundreds of candidates or employees quickly and effectively. 



Survey Anyplace


Survey Anyplace


Survey Anyplace is also a cloud-based software focusing on surveys and employee testing. It’s primarily designed for testing marketing skills and sales skills. The tool is straightforward to use, as you don’t need more than a few minutes to build a quiz or a survey. 


All questions include variable scores, personalized results, and a set of gauges that provide you with the final score. These reports can be shared or exported to PDF. The platform offers support for multiple languages and a wide range of customization tools designed to allow you to customize tests and create your libraries.







Pesofts is one of the best online assessment tools as it offers a complete solution for organizing online classes, employee testing in all languages that exist. It took years of perfecting to create Pesofts, and a result is an intuitive tool that’s very easy to understand and use. It’s popular among teachers everywhere, but it’s also excellent for hiring potential employees. 


Since the platform includes psycho tests, a live exam testing panel, and an integrated communication system, it’s just what you need to educate employees. The test-building feature works great, and you can fully customize everything. The results are presented as detailed reports for easy comparing and skill overview.







Last but not least on our list of online assessment software is Questbase. Although schools and online teaching courses mostly use it, it works great as an employee assessment tool. It’s known as one of the best SaaS tools for building tests, quizzes, distributing them to employees, and generating detailed reports.


The tool offers features such as an advanced test builder, detailed assessment features, certifications, and so on. It’s entirely web-based, and it provides full mobile support. Naturally, you can use it to create customized tests, surveys, exams, and so on. The free option offers only a few basic features, while the paid version provides all advanced features.





Knowing how your employees behave at work and understanding where the problems are can help you optimize your business operation. These online assessment tools are designed to help you organize classes, testing, and education to help your employees become better at what they do. 



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