About Trujay

Great companies are born from good people and big ideas. We set out to create a place that we wanted to work: that was equally employee-minded as it was customer-centered. The two go hand-in-hand, after all. 


Fast forward to the present day; we’ve served thousands of happy customers with reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions. You could say we approach each customer the same way we do our team meetings: valuing each member equally, regardless of size or budget.

Over the years, we’ve worked diligently to refine our approach to data migration and integration and maintain expert-level skill sets in numerous market-leading SaaS products. 

We think differently here.

And we understand our customers do, too. You won’t get a bunch of techie jargon from our customer success managers or an over-the-top presentation from our sales team. Instead, you’ll receive an honest assessment and a solution to your data management needs.


CEO of trujay

Darren Trumeter, Founder & CEO

Darren is a successful entrepreneur and C-level executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, primarily with enterprise and SaaS solutions. A leader with all-encompassing knowledge, Darren spearheads Trujay’s main function: providing superior solutions for the colliding worlds of business and technology.

founder of trujay

Jay Hendricks, Founder & VP of Services

Jay is an expert executive who oversees customer success and professional services. With years of experience under his belt, Jay is a leader and a highly respected VP in the consulting space of migration and integration.


Scot Trumeter, Partner & VP of Sales

Scot has helped hundreds of companies at the start of their journeys by providing CRM and marketing automation tools. Scot’s steadfast belief that tools should work for one’s unique business and not the other way around is proven through his genuine work ethic and a long trail of client success.

managing director of trujay

Ivan Karp, General Manager (Europe)

With a vast marketing background, Ivan has increased his knowledge-base and works as Trujay’s general managing director. Fluent in all departments, Ivan jumps into different leadership roles daily and provides knowledge and skill to anyone who needs it.

trujay VP product development

Bogdan Koval, VP of Product Development

Bogdan is the lead developer of Data2CRM, a product by Trujay, and a programmer team leader. His mission is to ensure a flawless service that supersedes the expectations of every customer.

Jennifer Compton, VP of Marketing

With over a decade of marketing experience guiding dynamic marketing teams, Jennifer has led several B2B, B2C, and higher-education institutions to grow through brand transformation and optimizing their marketing efforts. Boasting an eclectic blend of unique brand positioning and creative strategy, Jennifer specializes in aligning business goals with actionable results. 

jameson campbell about

Jameson Campbell, Product Manager

Jameson is a data-driven product management professional with start-up experience designing, building, managing, and growing SaaS, Mobile, and IoT products. He’s proficient in JavaScript, loves learning new technologies, and focuses relentlessly on providing great customer experiences. 

trujay director of marketing

Gabi Theard, Director of Marketing

Gabi works to shape and magnify the Trujay brand. She holds ultimate responsibility for its marketing efforts and oversees the development and delivery of marketing strategies and campaigns. Fluent in SEO and editorial-style writing, Gabi handles content and social media marketing to build awareness for its products.

trujay CTO

Steve Sanderson, CTO

Steve Sanderson is a hands-on executive with 30+ years as an entrepreneur, technologist, and experienced executive. Working at the intersection of product, technology, and strategy, Steve is passionate about creating products that have an impact through hands-on leadership.