Alternatives to Act! CRM (The Ones They Don't Want You to Know About)

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Alternatives to Act! CRM (The Ones They Don't Want You to Know About)
by Marketing


Let’s get right into it: alternatives to Act! CRM are cheaper and much less complex to use.


To help you discover the proper CRM solution, we’ve prepared this guide of the best, user-recommended alternatives to Act! CRM. Rather than an instrument’s extra capabilities, like ERP, the guide focuses on customer support, sales, and marketing features.



HubSpot Sales Hub


HubSpot CRM, the highest customer relationship app, is one of the right alternatives to Act! CRM. the appliance isn’t only free and straightforward to use. it’s a considerable collection of functions that will be used soon by both beginners and experienced SaaS users. If you would like them, the intuitive dashboard allows you to supply a summary of your KPIs, recent activities, and access to the right tools and data.


It features a drag-and-drop communicator that permits contact and collaboration to be quicker. the appliance also allows you to store detailed client and business profiles alongside visual indicators. It includes a great ticketing system that permits you to provide your customers with stellar customer services and support. Furthermore, for instance, marketing email messages and internal group updates, you’ll automate the principle CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT processes. Additionally, it assists you to build the knowledge domain related to support articles and documentation, among other features.


The platform integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive CRM, Gravity Forms, GoChime, Netsuite, and a sponsor of other programs and business systems. What’s more, it can a Google accredited partner and may be a solution that matches both sectors and niches. Finally, they need an eternally totally free edition. However, you’ll find paid plans that start at $50 a month if you would like to upgrade your features.





Salesforce CRM, as an integrated CRM platform, helps businesses to speak with their customers efficiently. With the app, these companies’ sales, marketing, and a few other divisions obtain a 360-degree view of the clients, enabling them to supply custom-made experiences.


Companies can certainly configure Salesforce CRM to support their roles, business, or business type to figure consistent with their customers’ needs. Salesforce makes it possible, too, if you’re a small business with ten employees, and increasing team, or an enormous enterprise workforce.


By providing deep insight into crucial customer info, Salesforce CRM permits businesses to close more deals. To drive customer satisfaction and retention, Salesforce CRM allows you to send individualized communications to prospects. Finally, you receive your company-branded mobile software from the appliance. It boosts employees’ productivity and puts you at any time and anywhere on top related to your business. an individual can inspect their other Salesforce CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT alternatives to supply you more choices.



Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is that the superior software service provider and comparatively straightforward to use. Zoho software program includes an AI feature called Zia. Zia can anticipate trends, conversions offer closing and achievable problems. If the actual tasks are administered several times, AI automates the work. It spots flaws within the sales procedure and analyzes consumer emails.


Within the actual range of Zoho’s functions are one-to-one e-commerce and marketing and advertising. Zoho CRM includes mobile and interpersonal contacts, phones, email messages, and live conversation. Also, all product sales businesses are automatic on the Zoho platform.


Zoho gives a cushty Opportunity Monitoring tool that gives you info on your own customer’s position within the sales routine. Characteristics include offer size, activity background, and competitor users. Zoho will assist you to become a customer-focused company.





In order to arrange their strategies and daily duties, Pipedrive is particularly made for product sales teams who desire an easy yet effective platform. Pipedrive can make it straightforward to assist lead management with a minimalist layout. you’ll get a transparent summary of your sales pipeline immediately once you check-in and hone in on the deals you’d wish to prioritize.


The goal and activity feature of Pipedrive allows you to watch specifically what actions need your attention and the way much you’re getting to complete a selected task. The intuitive interface helps you visualize numerous sales pipelines, each deal’s progress, standing, and therefore the next actionable items to assist transform that deal into a successful sale. Plus, to assist your team monitor sales data, targets, and performance, Pipedrive offers reporting and analytics tools.


Your sales team can access Pipedrive 24/7 on any quiet browser since a cloud-based product sales CRM. For salesmen on the move, this makes the actual platform ideal. Main email agencies this type of as Gmail, Bing, and Outlook furthermore attach to Pipedrive seamlessly, so an individual can send plus receive messages correct within the CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT quickly. MailChimp, Zapier, Google Maps, plus Trello have additional essential integrations.





Freshworks CRM is typically suitable for high-velocity groups who desire an individual point of getting in-tuned with their qualified prospects. Using a user-friendly UI and effective features such since AI-based lead rating, workflow automation, pre-installed email and telephone functions, and straightforward to customize dashboards and reviews allow your product sales or marketing group to draw in qualified prospects, manage them plus engage them.


Freshworks CRM can find yourself being convenient including additional developers’ solutions since a part of the actual Freshdesk product selection, like Freshcaller. It also utilizes an API construction, in order that you’ll integrate this with applications, this type of as Google Diary, Mailchimp, and sales tools like Quickbooks and Xero which will you furthermore may use within your organization.


Regarding each of the three modules, which range from $19 to $125, one of Freshworks CRM’s most attractive factors is its scalable pricing programs. The actual modules work extremely well at no cost by small groups, while larger businesses can select through the amount of compensated subscriptions available determined by their team’s dimension and specifications.





Insightly is that the great CRM accounts for small businesses and multi-level businesses. It flawlessly organizes contacts, partners, vendors, checks contact data, email history, and background. Using the Dashboard, you’ll certainly see all business activities. It’s a simple task to use the platform to stay in-tuned with customers through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.



In short


Pretty short list, right? That’s because we believe that these are the spotlight alternatives to Act! CRM. Get yourself acclimated with each of them to figure out which one works best for you and your business. If you’re looking to migrate your data from Act! to any CRM mentioned above, drop us a line!