Avoid Going Over Time and Budget in your CRM Data Migration

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Avoid Going Over Time and Budget in your CRM Data Migration
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


Going overtime and budget are two things we all want to avoid. We want things right when we want them, and we want things done quickly. That’s how short our attention spans have gotten. But that’s okay because technology is another word for ingenuity at high speed. 


However, technological evolvement, even at high speeds, disappoints and frustrates us. When it comes to conducting CRM data migrations, delays and higher costs are two widespread occurrences. 


This article will explain why CRM data migration projects sometimes take longer than planned and end up being more expensive. We want our clients to understand what is and what isn’t in scope to avoid costing a budget and timeline. 



Avoid Going Overtime and Budget via The Workflow


When you begin data migration with us, we help prepare for your CRM switch and answer all related questions you have. Suppose you have any specific requirements for your CRM data migration. In that case, we’ll diagnose your customer relationship management content, check its settings, and let you know how fully your requests can be met. You’ll also get help with data configuration if needed.


In the beginning stages of the process, you’ll have a call with a sales representative who explains the migration process, note all your requirements, and discusses price matters. Discussions on all the necessities and migration details happen together to make everything crystal clear.


After that, you’ll sign an agreement on the detailed project plan and scope. By this point, our tech engineers are cache-ing your data and building your mapping interface that will serve as a tool and visual aid to add, delete, or even merge fields. 


Once you’ve had the orientation with a sales rep, a detailed file with your unique requirements goes to your own personal, dedicated account manager. You and your account manager will jump on a video call and use screen-sharing to go over the project as a whole. Discussion items include:


  • Access to all data 


  • Merging data requirements 


  • Filtering data requirements 


  • Project plan and timeline 


  • Data cleansing options 


  • Customized object placement


Once you’ve given us the green light, we begin the complete migration. Typically, a project can take two weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the data. The variability can be due to the number of records, possible need for data cleansing, data filtering, potential changes in the data process flow, number of source systems, etc. 



Overtime and Budget: What causes them? Why do I have CRM data migration delays or price increase?




Additional requests


More often than not, a client will have additional requests when an agreement is already in place or when tech engineers have begun the project. If you want to change something or modify the process, this will cost extra time and effort, which translates to more costs. 


These additional requests typically come after the initial call with the sales rep and account manager and after the agreement is signed. It is up to the client’s discretion to inform all requirements and object/field mapping details beforehand. 


If, however, a client realizes that changes need to occur after the agreed-upon scope, we urge the client to understand that this will modify the project’s timeline and costs. 



Communication delays


Internal discussions surrounding strategy over mapping, pipeline/stages setup, and testing verification can take some time for the customer, especially when running a business while moving solutions. You will need internal meetings and stakeholder agreement to secure much of this information, and we see many customers that y there delayed for these reasons.



Overtime and budget: Providing multiple samples


Sample migrations are great but should only be done once. To run the migration correctly during the first attempt, look through the mapping carefully and attentively. If not, it will take extra time. We can map objects and their related fields for you, or you can do it on your own. Learn how to map your fields here



Overtime and budget: Complex mapping requests and data filtering


If the client informs the service team about complex mapping requirements and data filtering before the launch of the full migration and before signing the agreement, it will include the migration price. If this notice is given after the fact, a project will go up in price and timeline. 


Delays and increased expenses all have to do with timing and conversation. Suppose you want something done after the scope is agreed upon and our engineers have started your migration. In that case, those additional efforts will be factored into the timeline and budget of the project



Wrap Up 


Trujay team members always want to meet all clients’ requirements and business needs. We are always ready to help and guide you through the process, but take the nuances described above into account to make your migration smoother and faster. 


We want all of our clients to get everything they need, as we know that one size never fits all and every business is unique. We pride ourselves on transparency, so if you see that a price has gone up and a timeline extends, know that it is up to the client’s discretion for either situation to occur. Nevertheless, we will do our best to accommodate and prepare you for the future of your business. 


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If you have any other questions or concerns, or maybe you want to consult on a few things, we’re happy to help. Contact us directly.