7 Best CRMs for Startups

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7 Best CRMs for Startups
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

The former president of Remington and former owner of the New England Patriots once said:

“Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise.”

-Victor Kiam

So is the CRM system risky for startups? Does a startup need it at all? Let’s discover!

Why Startups should use CRM

  • Organized information

Often when there is a constant influx of data from various sources, it can be difficult to handle and analyze the information. Compiling, storing, automating and examining information is essential for startups. 

With the right CRM, they can view data in chronological order to gain useful insights through numerous single-screen dashboards and reports. Furthermore, CRM helps startups improve marketing and sales productivity by enhancing their optimization.

  • Unified interface

Customers are contacted at different points in time by numerous teams, such as marketing, sales, or customer service. Often the contact gets lost at every touchpoint and the other team doesn’t know about the new customer update. The unified interface provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device or orientation.

  • Scalability

Each company is launched for long-term sustainability. CRM may not seem like a good investment in the short term, but as the startups expand, the number of customers rises and scalability may become a problem. Many of the best CRMs for startups can store high contact volumes, produce several invoices, and monitor the entire customer journey in just a few clicks.

  • Clients retention

Startups can not only monitor prospect progress or close deals more quickly with structured information but also build personalized responses and experiences. Sales reps may define consumer purchasing habits, classify them into categories, and make customized suggestions to cultivate them.

  • Improved ROI

Startups are powered by ROI and it is clear that the value of CRM is evaluated in the same way. Although it is difficult to measure returns on CRM, multiple reports point toward favorable ROI. For example, a CRM can generate $8.71 for every dollar invested, according to Nucleus Research. 

What are the Best CRMs for Startups?

7 Best CRMs for Startups

Agile CRM is a comprehensive, cloud-based, customer relationship management program. It combines key sales, marketing, support, and online experience application functionalities into a single unified solution. 

Agile CRM is trusted by thousands of small to mid-size startups across several industries. It offers a comprehensive range of features including project and contact management, scheduling, sales and marketing automation, customer support, email monitoring, and landing pages. 

Users have a unified platform with Agile CRM, which puts all the information on a single page, streamlining their tasks and improving communication and collaboration.


  • FREE – for 10 users, discover the all-in-one CRM benefits for your startup
  • Starter – $8,99 per user per month, generate leads and close more business like a PRO
  • Regular – $29,99 per user per month, boost your sales, marketing, and support
  • Enterprise – $47,99 per user per month, add advanced automation & dedicated coach for success

7 Best CRMs for Startups

HubSpot is a great CRM for startups because it’s really easy to use. HubSpot allows the management of emails, notes, calls, or website visits into one, intuitive view. 

HubSpot gives you the ability to automate your emails, track pipeline, and be easily connected to  Gmail and Google Apps. Sidekick extension allows real-time notifications as soon as leads are engaging with a company.


HubSpot offers a FREE version, and its cost is based on access to its various hubs:

  • Marketing hub: $50-$3,200 per month
  • Sales hub: $50-$1,200 per month
  • Service hub: $50-$1,200 per month
  • HubSpot CMS: $300 per month

Note: If you work for a startup, you might be eligible for up to 90% off through the HubSpot for Startups Program. 



7 Best CRMs for Startups

Insightly is a great CRM for startup because it perfectly organizes contacts, partners, and vendors, checks contact’s data, email history, and their background. You can conveniently monitor all business operations by using the Dashboard, Tasks / Milestones, Pipeline Operation and Opportunity Reports. 

You can keep in touch with clients through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. In addition, Insightly integrates with Google Apps, Outlook 2013/Office 365 Business Edition, and Dropbox. 


  • Free plan – up to 2 users
  • Plus Plan$29 per month per user billed annually or $35 per month per user billed monthly
  • Professional Plan – $49 per month per user billed annually or $59 per month per user billed monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – $99 per month per user billed annually or $129 per month per user billed monthly

7 Best CRMs for Startups

Freshsales is a comprehensive CRM system for companies of all sizes, including startups. Its features include an intuitive interface, a built-in phone, email, and email tracking. You can quickly get ahead of your competitors with the use of a visual deals pipeline, reports, dashboards, and smart automated process. To pass calls directly, you don’t need any external hardware or software. 


  • Sprout – free for an unlimited amount of users
  • Blossom –  $12 per user per month billed annually, $19 month-to-month
  • Garden – $25 per user per month billed annually, $35 month-to-month
  • Estate – $49 per user per month billed annually, $65 month-to-month
  • Forest – $79 per user per month  billed annually, $99 month-to-month

7 Best CRMs for Startups

Streak is able to manage any workflow from your inboxes such as sales, project management, fundraising, hiring, and real estate. It prioritizes and manages support tickets and bugs. Streak provides you with pipeline information, tasks, and contacts directly into your inbox. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and is available on mobile.


  • Personal – free, for individuals looking for a simple CRM solution
  • Professional – $49 per user per month billed annually, for any sized business looking for a fully-featured CRM solution
  • Enterprise – $129 per user per month billed annually, for businesses looking for deep customization and advanced reports

7 Best CRMs for Startups

When you run and manage a small business or are the head of a medium-sized company’s marketing team, Close CRM can be a valuable CRM for startup.

Close is an excellent CRM tool for handling your relationships with leads and clients. Close boasts impressive sales automation technology that can support almost any sales or lead generation operation. 

Close CRM rocks if you want to touch, nurture and close your leads without any technological hassles. Close works well if you want a simple solution for CRM and marketing that does not require switching between the applications and browser tabs. 


  • Starter – $35 per user per month, the best all-in-one sales starter kit for 1-3 person teams
  • Basic – $65 per user per month, scale up your sales outreach efforts with a single tool
  • Professional – $95 per user per month, automate outreach with built-in Email Sequences and Power Dialer
  • Business – $145 per user per month, the ultimate all-in-one CRM and sales productivity solution

Pipedrive is a sales-based CRM that focuses on achieving better sales results. Pipedrive has an easy-to-use UI. The Deals tab lets you see all of the pipeline deals. 

Certain notable features on Pipedrive include Sales Pipeline Views, Google Calendar Integration, CRM Target Setting, and CRM reporting. Pipedrive offers an advanced task scheduler for users to synchronize addresses, avoid duplicate entries, and save precious time for all the work. 

The Statistics tab is the most significant and useful tab on Pipedrive’s dashboard, which allows you to monitor customer results, the value of each separate contract, and the history of every lead operation.


  • Essential – $12,50 per user per month billed annually, organize your tasks and sales funnels for the convenience of working with them
  • Advanced – $24,90 per user per month billed annually, track and automate your daily plans to save time and increase sales
  • Professional – $49,90 per user per month billed annually, all you need to work together, communicate and increase revenue

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to enhance the bottom line of your startup, then you may choose any CRM described above and achieve your goals faster. 


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