Best Free CRMs of 2021

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Best Free CRMs of 2021
by Marketing

A good CRM software should allow companies to manage customer interaction and customer data. It should have the ability to automate marketing, sales, and customer support. Moreover, it should help you access business information and manage partner, vendor, and employee relationships.


Finding the ideal CRM solution for your company can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to start. So, to help you zero in on the best platform for you, we have prepared this list of the best CRM software 2020. Each tool has been thoroughly tested and analyzed by our team.


We will discuss all key CRM features and benefits of each system to give you a solid overview of the best options available, depending on your budget and requirements.


Best Free CRM Software of 2020


  1. Hubspot
  2. Zoho
  3. Freshsales
  4. Insightly
  5. Capsule
  6. Really Simple Systems
  7. Agile
  8. Streak
  9. Flowlu
  10. Nimble
  11. Apptivo




HubSpot CRM is packaged as an easy-to-use system and intuitive interface. With its plan including unlimited users and up to a million contacts, the sky’s the limit!


Along with the most standard CRM features, HubSpot also offers an extensive array of less common ones. Users have praised HubSpot’s company insights tool (which competitors lack), advertisement management, website traffic analysis, and email scheduling functions. Not to mention, HubSpot gives users the tools to run email marketing software campaigns and integrate with your preferred marketing automation software.


This CRM platform provides all the tools you need to organize, track and nurture your leads and clients. With more than 3,000 CRM reviews, HubSpot ranks number one on the list.



If you want CRM software that will keep up with your growing business, Zoho CRM is a prominent choice.


This CRM platform is a flexible solution with a lengthy feature list: leads, contact management, social media integration, tasks, marketing and sales automation, web forms and more. The system can also be integrated with many other Zoho products, including customer support, project management, and web forms.


Zoho CRM’s free tool is a great option for SMBs and startups alike.




Freshsales CRM is a user-friendly platform that focuses on maximizing the efficiency of your sales team.


This software includes a wide range of tools and features, such as a softphone with email integration, lead-scoring, and workflow automation. There are also several integrations for marketing and communications offered to users.  Enterprise-level features include advanced CRM customization, auto-profiles, smart forms, and event tracking, sales goals, IP whitelisting, and audit logs, among other things.


Don’t let the wide scope of features fool you. Freshsales CRM manages to keep everything simple and easy to use, reducing the need for training that can impact over platforms.

Insightly CRM is a popular, powerful platform known for its emphasis on project management.


Sales opportunities and projects are managed with linear pipelines you can customize to fit your processes. Insightly provides users with good contact management, social networking integration, and mass email support. Moreover, Insightly members can collect leads and track sales opportunities while viewing and administering all from a mobile app.


Insightly extends a wide scope of powerful commercial plans ranging from $29 to $99 per user per month.



The founders of Capsule felt that CRMs were either too difficult to use or too simplistic. This explains Capsule’s approach to make it easy for users to access advanced CRM features through a well-thought-out design.


Though Capsule’s free plan may be small on data storage, users find it to be incredibly efficient. This product has an impressive Performance and Reliability rating (94%), and multiple reviewers commented on how quick and easy it is to get up and running.


Capsule isn’t just easy to use, it’s also an affordable toolkit that makes it easier for you to keep track of those all-important business relationships that are at the heart of your organization.



Really Simple Systems provides a sales forecast report that automatically calculates weighted and unweighted revenue for all possible opportunities.


Since not every deal will close, the weighted calculation provides an amount based on the probability of its closing. This helps with forecasting as it provides an overall view of sales based on time in the pipeline and the probability of closing.


Similarly, the same customization options are available for activities, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and accounts, so users can filter and collect vital data. Overall, Really Simple Systems has above-average scores for Ease of Admin with a rating of 92% (category average: 91%), along with a rating of 92% for Performance and Reliability.

Features such as campaign automation, email customization, and social media management make Agile CRM a legitimate, entry-level marketing platform.


If users are interested in marketing automation, one can create campaigns for onboarding a new customer, advertising a sale, and other more. Conditions (triggers) could be a contact becoming a customer, a lead clicking on a specific web page, or a customer opening an email. You can also create campaigns using Twitter to send Tweets using similar conditions.


Agile CRM does, however, limit you to one campaign running at a time in the free version—upgrading to their paid plans increases the number of allowable campaigns. But it’s a great option for a business just building up its marketing efforts.



Streak lives in your Gmail inbox, which means no extra app to log into or manage.


A few clicks install the Streak extension, and from there, you’re ready to start. Scrolling down your inbox, you’ll see the orange Streak icon and “Pipelines,” which is the backbone of the CRM. One-click from here, and you can select premade pipelines or create new ones for sales, lead lists, processes, accounts, or anything else you wanted to track. Each of these can then be customized for things like stages, data points, and colors.


For businesses looking for a simple way to manage their contacts and sales, having a CRM built into an already comfortable environment makes a lot of sense.

Flowlu positions itself as “business management software” because of features such as CRM, invoicing, finance management, project management, and team collaboration. But where it shines as a free CRM is its ability to create quotes, track transactions, process invoices, and accept payments.


Within contact and organization records, you can create invoices, tasks, projects, estimates (quotes), and opportunities and see all associated transactions. And once an opportunity is closed, you can create and send invoices, estimates, projects, and tasks. Revenue and expenses can also be tracked in chart format within the finance dashboard.


If upgrading to a paid plan, users are offered advanced functionality such as financial planning, cash flow forecasting, recurring invoices, and more.


Apptivo is a comprehensive CRM that provides an easy way to manage your contacts, schedules, notes, communications, tasks and more. That’s not all: even the free account gets project management tools, invoicing, estimates, basic purchase order tracking, field service management, and a helpdesk, although it only supports a maximum of three users.


This kind of power comes with a little complexity, especially if you’re new to this type of package. It doesn’t take long to master the basics, though, and the system is so configurable that you’ll soon have it set up to suit your requirements.

As the social butterfly of small business CRMs, Nimble aims to help users manage social, team and customer contacts on one screen. All online conversations, including email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are easily visible with Nimble’s lightweight platform.


Nimble can automatically go online to collect useful data about your contacts, including their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ profiles. Smart search tools enable locating the data you need on an individual, or sorting and filtering your contact list however you like. Nimble also provides extensive task management, sales and marketing tools, and many integration options.


Pricing starts from just $19 per month when paid annually.



Final Notes


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