Best Insightly Alternatives You Should Know About in 2021

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Best Insightly Alternatives You Should Know About in 2021
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

This article was updated on June 11, 2021.



A new CRM can give prosperity to a company. Looking at a variety of Insightly alternatives, keep an eye on the CRM with extended functionality that can improve the efficiency of your business. 


Your preference will fall on the platform that is successful and stable, but easy to get up and running. 


So, how does one find an efficient platform that doesn’t cost a fortune?


Let’s explore a list of the best Insightly alternative systems, evaluate their features, as well as find out a simple way of migrating data to the desired CRM platform.



Best Insightly Alternatives


The highly competitive CRM market contains a range of solutions and it can be a challenging task to choose the right one for your business. You can take advantage of the following options, among these helpful platforms.




Best Insightly Alternative: Bitrix24

top best alternative to zoho


Bitrix24 provides tools that incorporate task management, document sharing, and time tracking into a social framework for optimal collaboration and job performance. 


You can schedule meetings, add files, get immediate input from colleagues, all done in your custom Activity Stream. This approach is used by companies such as Forbes, TechHive, and TechRepublic in the planning and management of their work.


Other Bitrix24 features are Gantt charts, workflows, employee workload management, and customer relationship management.


Bitrix24 provides its users with real-time updates, smart following, notification settings,  company-wide announcements, and a self-hosted option.





Best Insightly Alternative: Zoho

Insightly alternatives


Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM application and a famous Insightly alternative that can be used to attract, retain, delight clients, and expand the company into a customer-focused organization. 


The platform works great with companies of all sizes. Furthermore, you can use mobile devices to access customer data in real-time anywhere and anytime.


It also integrates with cloud-based connectors such as CloudWork and OneSaaS. Sales scheduling, teamwork, customer management, and revenue forecasting are its main features. 


Zoho CRM provides a much wider collection of apps. Keep in touch with your clients through Facebook and Twitter. Track sales chances across the selling process.




Best Insightly Alternative: HubSpot


Insightly alternatives

HubSpot CRM wins the Best CRM Award for 2019. It has a free CRM platform, which provides a powerful range of tools to engage customers and manage operations relevant to CRM. HubSpot works on all forms of customer interaction, from online traffic to landline calls. It is easy to use, and can also be combined with other business systems.


HubSpot CRM is an important and increasingly popular tool. It is actually known as one of the best Insightly alternatives since it includes all the required tools for your company. HubSpot CRM is an inbound sales and marketing software that attracts visitors and converts leads. It’s also one of the best Insightly alternatives.


You can create a landing page with a user-friendly editor, or use the mobile-optimized templates built-in library. 


You can use HubSpot email templates, connect the email to each subscriber, or schedule your email campaign. Create a chronological timeline of every touchpoint between contact and deep lead management in your company. With analytics, all marketing funnels can be measured. Those are just some of HubSpot CRM’s most important advantages.




Best Insightly Alternative: Salesforce


Insioghtly alternatives

Salesforce makes it easier for small businesses to access Salesforce’s power to create deeper customer relationships with integrated sales and support CRM that’s easier to use, set up, and manage — at only $25 per user per month. 


Salesforce CRM is a robust sales and marketing tool. The Salesforce brand includes separate systems for Analytics, Marketing, Service, and Community Cloud. It grows accounts, closes deals, and finds customers easily. You can access an individual’s account with Salesforce, contact information, assignments, activities, history of collaboration, and lead-opportunities in a single location. 


Connect with your team and clients via mobile and social media applications, such as Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Organize your workflow with the knowledge and preparation tools required more quickly.


An AI tool called Einstein is an important tool for predicting and making recommendations. Get in-depth insights, build custom dashboards, customized models, or applications from third parties with a comprehensive analytics platform.





Best Insightly Alternative: Freshsales


Insightly alternatives

A winner of the 2019 Great User Experience Award, this CRM platform has been developed to allow high-velocity teams to keep track of interactions and solve problems. It is best known for its ease of use and its effectiveness. You can use it for CRM, from emails to phone calls through different channels.


Freshsales is a robust CRM solution for all-sized companies. It draws leads, it handles and it closes. Its features include an intuitive interface, an integrated phone, email monitoring, and scoring based on leads. Freshales is another Insightly alternative.


You can quickly get ahead of your competitors with the use of a visual deals pipeline, reports, dashboards, and smart process automation. You will have maximum control in all phases of the sales. You don’t need any extra hardware or software to directly shift the calls. Freshsales also tells where your most vitally important leads come from.






Best Insightly Alternative: Microsoft Dynamics


Insightly alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics offers superior CRM performance, high security, functionality, and reasonable pricing. There are plenty of fresh and common features making Microsoft Dynamics a strong Insightly alternative. 


You can use the software modules first and build business process flows. Web map designer assists in assembling and editing site maps without involving third-party developers or designers. Search users can find relevant-based matches for keywords or key-phrases. Take a closer look at the contact and interactions between the consumer and consumers using the insights into the relationship. 


Based on the mobile experience, Microsoft Dynamics provides workspaces, colors, configurations, monitoring, and workflow activities. The visual process designer helps users to construct business process flows, rules, and task flows.





Best Insightly Alternative: Pipedrive


Insightly alternatives

Pipedrive is a sales-based CRM that focuses on producing efficient sales productivity with less admin time required. This helps users to retain complete control of revenue by means of successful customer interactions. 


Pipedrive has an easy-to-use interface. The Deals tab lets you see all of the pipeline deals. Certain noteworthy features on Pipedrive include sales pipeline views, target setting CRM, Google Calendar Integration, and CRM reporting.


Easy deal management helps you save time and open a popup dialog box to organize the info. Pipedrive offers an advanced task scheduler for users to synchronize addresses, avoid duplicate entries, and save precious time for all the work. 


The Statistics tab is the most critical and useful tab on Pipedrive ‘s dashboard. You can explore the performance of clients, the value of each separate deal, the activity history of every lead, and import all the information with ease.


engage bay logo


EngageBay is a cloud-based all-in-one CRM software that can substitute for Insightly with more features in its free plan than Insightly offers in its paid plan.  The software can function as a management and marketing transformation tool, with lead capturing, sales pipeline visualization, customer service support and automation, Live Chat, and Help Desk. Although designed for startups and small businesses, EngageBay has found many takers among users of established CRM products, thanks to its rich feature set even in the free-forever plan. In 2019, FinancesOnline awarded EngageBay for the ‘Supreme Software’ and ‘Expert’s Choice’ categories.


According to SaaSworthy, EngageBay is among the Top 20 marketing automation software in 2021.


EngageBay can automate complex workflows, help sales teams with AI-based predictive lead scoring, and offer custom reports for business proposals, sales plans, and customer service tasks over any period and for any metrics. The software integrates smoothly with popular business apps such as Zapier, Mandrill, Plivo, DocuSign, Xero, LinkedIn, BulkSMS and many others.


Bottom Line



We introduced you to the best Insightly alternatives with the main features and benefits. We hope that this article is helpful for you and will help determine which CRM solution is the best alternative to Insightly for your business.


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