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Capsule CRM Review
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

Capsule CRM Review


Capsule is a reliable, easy-to-use CRM system that is the right solution for small to medium-sized businesses, particularly those using Google Apps. Its free plan is great for startups. It is, however, one of the more basic CRM tools currently available and lacks some main functionality, particularly when it comes to marketing automation. 


The biggest reason I think Capsule CRM has to do with it is that it’s priced quite competitively. Although it is one of the cheapest CRM tools available, it offers a range of features that help you to handle an extensive database, recognize market opportunities, track communications and manage a sales pipeline with ease. 


capsule crm review


Advantages of Capsule CRM


  • The most significant advantage of Capsule is its ease of use, simple interface that users find intuitive. Small things like being able to change the colors make the system more accommodating to new companies instantly.


  • As for most cloud-based services, connectivity through a secure network connection is entirely hosted, making it suitable for access from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 


  • The import automatically advises you if there are any possible dupes and gives you the option not to import them. Excellent duplication management software. The individual processes of ‘merge’ are often very user-friendly.


  • Tags will be generated automatically on import, ideal if the imported field does not need a Custom Field approach. When they use the framework, users can even create their customized tags without accessing settings to do so. To remove any new marks, there is a great ‘clean up’ tool. In a matter of seconds, you can even apply a tag instantly to everyone on your list – fine!


  • It cleverly picks up ‘Organization Name’ on someone’s record with an import. It immediately generates the organization so that after importing, you can find the organization record and all the workers attached to it. 


  • Integration of an e-marketing framework is key in this day and age, but not all CRM platforms have it. Capsule CRM combines with Mailchimp to have a better solution.


  • The security can be changed to allow only certain users to use the bulk export option, perfect if you are an arts group that depends on volunteers to add new documents to your database. 


  • It is very simple to build custom fields, necessary for data security environments, and suitable for holding related tags together.


  • Fantastic Google Apps incorporation so that an email can be conveniently saved against the client record. You are given a special ‘dropbox’ email address if you don’t have Google Apps so you can bcc in any contact such that the email is linked to the customer record. The ability to add notes and attachments makes it ideal for arts organisations looking to keep track of funding applications and correspondence with artists, board, VIPs etc.


  • New tags can also be imported into existing documents automatically. So if you send an Excel data file to a mailing house or consultancy and they have returned with established Gone Aways or Segments, you can link this detail back to the current Capsule records. Select the ‘Import and Update Duplicates’ option on the import tab to do this.


Disadvantages of Capsule CRM


  • The List of functionality is very intuitive, but it does not allow you to choose several fields or to use other than Tags OR relationships. You should pick ‘is any of’ from the drop-down menu to allow you to multi-select choices if you are building a list with Tags. However, if you want to do this with a Custom Field – for example, if you have set up a Region custom field and you want to pick customers in three or four regions, there isn’t an ‘is any of’ option in the List builder for that Custom Field which is frustrating.  There is a work around – you can create your first list for Region A, and add a tag to that (e.g. ‘December Email’), then create a second list for Region B and add the same tag and so on – your final mailing can be picked up using the ‘December Email’ tag.  It is not perfect, but if you need it, it’s work. An alternate CRM framework such as Salesforce could be more fitting if you are likely to need complicated exports using multiple tags and custom fields.


  • Support is available by email (no phone support), but with email replies, I have found Capsule to be very fast and supportive. If you are in the US, the UK email service hours could be a concern for you. Support is not 24/7, so you do not require support for this system as much as possible.


  • Backing up a full data set (including Contacts, Cases and Opportunities) is via the Account Settings / Export tab.  Although it is very straight forward (one button “export to zip file”), there is a question mark over data security as the system emails you a full data set to your email address with no encryption.  In addition to this, the backup is not customisable in terms of fields and the output file can be messy to work with



Alternatives to Capsule


capsule alternatives

In general, it’s safe to say that Capsule is at the more simplistic end of the CRM continuum, but if you feel that you need more sophisticated features — especially where marketing automation is concerned — there are plenty of other products available for you to consider.


Salesforce and Infusionsoft are probably the best-known alternatives providing marketing automation features, but they are considerably more expensive than Capsule. 


Nimble CRM is also worth investigating — it’s slightly more expensive than Capsule but offers a wider feature set and full integration with Office 365.


There’s also Hubspot to think about, which actually offers a very good free CRM plan.


Find out more about Capsule alternatives.



Trujay’s Import Tool vs Capsule Import Tool


1. We provide different filters for fields, such as html to text, string to upper, and many others


2. Besides, you can combine several fields into one and add between them separators


3. The user can use the dependence of the fields, and this allows to set the priority of the fields and migrate it to one. So, if the first field is empty, we will try to write the second there.


4. Our tool provides you with an opportunity to create custom fields directly from the mapping and not break away from the process of data migration


5. We have the ability to import different types of activity, so we can migrate call/meeting/event/note and with different connections. Capsule allows you to migrate only notes/email with a link to the contact. Besides, it is also very important to mention that to migrate notes/email with the date of creation, you need to specify this field in the document, also email must be marked as emails. To import an email or note you need to have the corresponding field in the file with the contact.


6. We have an option to migrate Opportunity ( Capsule uses for this service Zapier and you need to perform a lot of activities for this). Moreover, it’s allowed to migrate data from different files and with different connections.


7. It’s essential to mention that we have an opportunity to migrate Attachments


8. We have the ability to use the default value (or constant, also applies when the field is empty). If the field is required and there is no value in the CSV file, in the case of Capsule, we will not be able to migrate this record





Capsule CRM is a very user friendly system, with a lot of brilliant functionality.  It is incredibly cost-effective and the conversion process is very quick. I can move most small companies to the system within only three business days.  


You can migrate your data to Capsule or from Capsule with Trujay’s Self-Service tool right away! It’s a robust system to make the migration process automated and efficient.