Capsule to HubSpot CRM Data Migration in a Few Clicks

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Capsule to HubSpot CRM Data Migration in a Few Clicks
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


Capsule to HubSpot CRM Data Migration is pretty common, however, choosing the right CRM can be tough for your company. How do you know you are picking the right solution for your business, especially with so many choices? Comparing two platforms, let’s figure out how to transfer Capsule to HubSpot CRM.


You can handle company accounts, leads, and orders with helpful CRM tools to enhance data and process management and cost control. Even if you’re interested in increasing revenue and improving customer experience, it ‘s crucial to choose the perfect software that fits your business needs to achieve the goals you set.



Capsule to HubSpot Migration: About Capsule CRM


Capsule CRM is a compelling tool for small, mid-sized companies. The platform occupies a market segment interested in the easy-to-use software.


Capsule CRM lets you handle various relationships: clients, potential buyers, partners, suppliers, etc. Also, the solution will help you improve the capacity control of the pipeline. Additionally, the framework allows for the business team’s success through collaboration and the ability to construct current tasks.



HubSpot CRM


HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based software and consists of dered one of the leading CRM applications on the market. It is an excellent solution that specializes in sales automation. 


HubSpot CRM’s most remarkable feature is that it’s free to use. Any client can use it without payment. HubSpot CRM provides all the necessary features that allow business owners to monitor content, platforms, and marketing output at one location. This CRM also enables monitoring and closing sales, controlling the agents’ efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.



HubSpot Features:


  • Deals and Tasks

Add your sales easily, assign tasks to push them forward, and progress in the dashboard.


  • Lead Management

Perform the sales activities, observe the detailed organization contact records, and see the communication history in one view.


  • Company Insights

Activate a new contact, company, and automatically manage records of over 20 million companies with HubSpot CRM database. Only use the corporate email of the prospect.


  • Email Tracking

Get a desktop notification; the second a prospect opens your email and clicks a link inside. Follow up right after the potential customers had contact with your email.


  • Email Templates

 Convert the most boring sales emails into templates you can customize, refine, and exchange with other workers. Observe the metrics for an individual rep for every period across all of your models.



Choose Trujay to Migrate Capsule to HubSpot CRM


Trujay service is a SaaS that offers users the ability to efficiently and safely migrate CRM data across more than 30 CRM platforms. It is an automated method for performing data transfer from Capsule to HubSpot CRM without any technical knowledge or skill.


As well, you can take advantages of the following benefits:


  • Automated CRM Data Migration for over 15 modules
  • Free Demo Migration
  • Modules and users matching
  • Saved relations between the modules
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • The Possibility to Restart Migration Over (Migration insurance)
  • During & Post Migration Technical Support



Capsule to HubSpot: Activities before You Switch


To make sure you do all the appropriate planning and preparation before you migrate Capsule to HubSpot CRM by following the next suggestions:


  • Try out your solution

 As HubSpot is free, you can test your future platform and see the system in action.


  • Analyze and filter your records

Take time to figure out how the data organizes itself, where it exists, and what needs extra attention. Think about what you want to move into a new program, and what’s left behind.


  • Secure the information.

Preparing a backup is strongly recommended, and maintaining it even after the migration is over. Securing the info will help reduce the potential for the loss of any data. For backup, you can move Capsule to both CSV and Excel archives.


  • Notify your employees

Make sure your employees know about the change and hold tutorials.



Capsule to HubSpot Migration in 4 Clicks


After the preparation steps are complete, you can transfer the business information CRM by using Trujay’s automated migration system:


  1. Go toTrujay’s Self-Service tool and register your account. Provide your name, email, password, and enter the phone number; or sign in with your social network accounts or as a CRM user.



2. Specify your existing CRM (Capsule). Provide the required credentials. Log into HubSpot CRM.


capsule to hubspot


  1. After that, select items you’d like to migrate to your new CRM platform. Check the corresponding boxes to migrate your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads, and notes with related activities such as calls and events. Click Start Sample  Migration.


choose objects you want to migrate mapping users


4. Now, check out your Sample migration results. If you are satisfied, you may fully migrate Capsule to HubSpot CRM.


sample results file



Capsule to HubSpot: Actions Afterwards


When the data transfer part is over, we recommend using some post-migration tips for better platform implementation and automation:


  • Check out if the records transfer to the proper fields
  • Find out if the relations between the items restore in the right way
  • Make sure to build personalized workflow rules
  • Set up the filters for reporting tools
  • Continue by delivering instruction and holding meetings to teach the workers about the new system. Also, don’t forget to ask for input from staff to track where the process is for everybody in the company and what problems still need to address.



To Sum Up


Now you know more about the future CRM, the possible migration ways, and how to switch the data in a few steps automatically.


Well, it is high time to migrate Capsule to HubSpot CRM right away.


Transfer to HubSpot CRM a limited amount of your Capsule data by starting free Sample migration,  and enjoy using the desired solution.


Don’t wait up, migrate Capsule to HubSpot CRM today.


Let’s say you try out our self-service tool and decide you’re interested, but the mapping causes confusion, or maybe the special formatting throws you off. After you complete a sample migration and you’re not satisfied with the results, we have something called the Guided Self-Service Migration.