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Garden Rep Group Case Study: Act! CRM to Capsule CRM Migration
Garden Rep Group, LLC is an independent representative for garden centers and landscape supply retail stores. As Garden Rep was looking to move from Act! CRM, Capsule CRM suggested Trujay to complete the migration. Learn how Trujay worked on an extremely complex migration and achieved results for the client.
February 12 2020
Data Migration Handbook: Your Guide to Our Process
This handbook covers what to expect for the process, timeline, and scope of data migration. We’re always happy to jump on a video call and walk you through your use case, so feel free to reach out and we’ll get a call scheduled.
January 28 2020
Performed Data Migration for Performance Painting
Captevrix is an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Gold Partner. Their client, Performance Painting Contractors Inc., contracted Captevrix to transition their former CRM (Pipeline Deals) to HubSpot. As Captevrix began the migration for the client, the company was referred to Trujay by its HubSpot representative as an opportunity to assist in the completion of the […]
January 27 2020
Rent Bridge Group: Integration Success Story
Learn how Trujay successfully integrated for a prominent PMOS company. Rent Bridge is the only HubSpot Certified Partner in the property management industry. Thanks to Trujay, they have built many portals within HubSpot and are HubSpot’s Rookie of the Year. By building a custom logic and working with Rent Bridge consistently, Rent Bridge is a […]
January 24 2020
John Wood Community College Integration
  In this case study, you’ll learn how the client was unable to complete the job as often as it required or include all the data needed to improve marketing capabilities. As a result, John Wood was not able to obtain a full view of ROI due to the inability to track each Application/Registration status […]
December 9 2019
5 Secrets When Onboarding A New SaaS System
Trujay gives a review of the main integration points that don’t always come out in the sales process.      
December 4 2019
iFly Data Migration
  One of iFly’s main concerns with the data migration was their constant flow of data coming in across many instances around the world, assuming the data transfer would be quite disruptive to their team’s processes and potentially their data integrity.     Trujay’s team recommended a calculated data transfer and would proceed with a […]
December 4 2019
Rancho La Puerta: ResortSuite to HubSpot
Download our free case study to see how we successfully integrated (and previously migrated) contact data for the first resort destination spa ever created.     Rancho La Puerta (the Ranch), the first destination spa, opened in June 1940 and is a preferred destination for its many repeat guests. Improving their relationships with guests has […]
November 21 2019
CRM Integration Hard Truths
  Connecting a system or platform to your CRM has many benefits. Billing is streamlined by integrating an accounting system. Sales opportunities are monitored centrally by using a system like Pipedrive. Platforms like NetSuite allow you to connect multiple enterprise-systems to accelerate your business operations.     While the benefits of connecting new systems to […]
November 21 2019
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