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Automatic Data Migration from Highrise to HubSpot CRM: Top Ideas Digital Case Study
    For the very first time, Trujay showcases its automated Self-Service Migration Tool. Through this story of customer success, read about Top Ideas Digital and their experience using Trujay’s Self-Service Tool, their interactions with the Trujay team, and how the results and goals of the client were achieved through technical expertise and dedicated responsiveness.
September 14 2020
HubSpot to Salesforce Data Migration – The Lewer Agency
  The Lewer Agency is an insurance and financial consulting firm in Overland Park, Kansas. A family company of three generations, the agency dedicates itself to helping business owners and students through navigating insurance solutions and comprehensive financial planning. In this case study, we discuss The Lewer Agency’s move from HubSpot CRM to Salesforce, their […]
July 22 2020
HubSpot CRM: Ongoing Support
So, you’ve just migrated your data into HubSpot, and you’ve got a general sense of how the CRM works. Now what? Now, it’s time to make HubSpot really work for you. We position ourselves to be your personal HubSpot consultant. We know your data, we know your stages, we know your processes. Our tailored-to-you approach […]
July 17 2020
Guide to Mapping Objects and Related Fields in CRM Data Migration
  Stop! Before you go any further, let’s just make one thing clear: we can do the entire mapping portion of the Self-Service Migration for you.    In fact, we can do the ENTIRE Self-Service Migration for you from start to finish. So, before you read a full article on how to map objects and fields, […]
July 17 2020
Trujay’s Onboarding Service (And Why It’s the Best)
  Trujay’s Onboarding Service is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with HubSpot CRM. We not only offer the chance to migrate your data from any CRM to HubSpot, but we also teach you how to use it, in-depth. If you have migrated your data with us, you can keep the process under one […]
June 23 2020
Guided Self-Service CRM Data Migration: You’re Not on Your Own
In a recent discovery, customers are too nervous to use the Self-Service tool but believe it’s right for their use case. We’re here to clear the air and tell you that just because it says “self-service” does not mean you have to do it alone.   The process of doing a CRM data migration isn’t […]
May 22 2020
Garden Rep Group Case Study: Act! CRM to Capsule CRM Migration
Too many features in a CRM may complicate a certain business model’s process. Garden Rep Group, LLC is an independent representative for garden centers and landscape supply retail stores. As Garden Rep was looking to move from Act! CRM, Capsule CRM suggested Trujay to complete the migration. Learn how Trujay worked on an extremely complex […]
February 12 2020
Data Migration Handbook: Your Guide to Our Process
This handbook covers what to expect for the process, timeline, and scope of data migration. We’re always happy to jump on a video call and walk you through your use case, so feel free to reach out and we’ll get a call scheduled.
January 28 2020
Performed Data Migration for Performance Painting
Captevrix is an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Gold Partner. Their client, Performance Painting Contractors Inc., contracted Captevrix to transition their former CRM (Pipeline Deals) to HubSpot. As Captevrix began the migration for the client, the company was referred to Trujay by its HubSpot representative as an opportunity to assist in the completion of the […]
January 27 2020
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