Checklist Before Migrating Your CRM Data: Do This Before Making the Move

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Checklist Before Migrating Your CRM Data: Do This Before Making the Move
by Marketing


Completing a checklist before migrating your CRM data is essential. Imagine you want to buy a house. You have a checklist before you start moving. You start looking at the loans at first, taking care of the issues in the old apartment, and then packing up your things before the movers come. 


Except you have one problem: The furniture is completely out of place in the future house. A new CRM system is similar to the new house, and the pieces of furniture are your data. 


It all comes down to the fact that CRM data migration’s success in a proper manner is not as simple as it may sound. Like figuring out the feng-shui of the furniture, your information has to be reimagined to its new surroundings.


crm checklist before you move houses



Preparing the data will help reduce potential problems during the move and the other stages of the planned roll-out of CRM. Please ask yourself the following questions before setting up any further steps that will match your focus on effective CRM data migration:


  • Did I remove all the duplicates and unnecessary items?
  • Are the naming conventions consistent?
  • Are the records complete?
  • Did I identify all the owners of the records?


This article provides primary tips on organizing data and getting ready to move to a brand new solution.



CRM Data Migration: Ultimate Packing and Preparation Checklist


To ensure a safe transfer and eliminate any possible risks, you should set out the plan in advance and identify all appropriate actions. We compiled a list of to-dos and mustdo activities that are worth implementing before the CRM transition.



Checklist 1: Select the Future Platform


The very first thing you can do is find the right and feature-rich CRM framework for effective data management of clients and seamless workflows. It would be best to examine the solutions available on the CRM market and select the approach that suits the company’s demands and goals. Choose the CRM that offers a free trial to check it and see if the platform meets your organization’s targeted business development route.


crm checklist select future platform



Checklist 2: Clean Up Records


Get to know the database’s structure and management rules before setting up any tasks for cleaning or deleting. To ensure the accuracy and validity of transmitted data, you can identify the types of vital records. Don’t forget that incomplete duplicates can be combined or replaced so that the objects remain unique and consistent.


crm checklist clean up records



Checklist 3: Get Organized


Edit or create data managing rules for your team. It will help keep the records logically organized. For example, the company uses sales territories to ensure that all leads, contacts, and accounts are sorted by geography.


crm checklist get organized



Checklist 4: Know Your Data


Identify the objects that you want to move through your new solution and evaluate how your existing CRM varies from your potential solution. Let’s say the data contains past things like obsolete appointments or missed meetings. It’s very doubtful that you’re going to deal with it in the business processes that are coming.


crm checklist know your data



Checklist 5: Map Out the Data


Once the details about the old system have been analyzed and updated, continue to compare its records with those available on the future platform. Consider every custom field you’ve created and analyzed the entity names. Create custom data and fields based on your current system to suit the CRM you’re migrating to handle the discrepancies you’ve discovered.


Please find out how to map objects and their related fields. For mapping complex data, check out our free guide on objects and field mapping.


eyeglasses on map



Checklist 6: Select the Tool


The CRM data migration can be carried out on your own via a CSV file switch. The method can take a lot of time and energy, though, and contribute to some of the mapping failures


Time is a valuable business-world currency. Many organizations prefer to focus on an automatic data transfer to save it. An automated transfer service like Trujay is a realistic solution for accurate and safe CRM data migration. The SaaS is designed to help you move your CRM completely by hand in just a few clicks. 


Data mapping is among the realistic and productive features of the service. You can set the desired fields yourself. It’s also important to note that in the future, the terms used in the new CRM should be the same so that you can check the accuracy of the data transfer before the actual migration. Furthermore, Trujay does not affect the processes in your current application, so there are no interruptions in the workflow.


crm checklist select the tool



Checklist 7: Test the Migration Service


Take advantage of the free trial. This rule applies to the CRM system and the service for data migration. Ensure you see that everything flows the way you expected with Trujay’s Migration Wizard. It would help if you chose a large enough data sample for the demo to determine the possible failures.


white satellite dish under starry night



Checklist 8: Schedule the Data Move


After completing all of the above preparation stages, you will now be aware of all process characteristics and potential problems. Based on the information you have obtained, refine your strategy, pick the transfer data, and use the final estimates of your project.


crm checklist schedule migration


Final Shortcut


The migration of CRM data may seem a complex task, but it is all about the organization and necessary preparation. An important aspect of a successful migration project is thorough planning. Take into account the list of tips and change your switch’s basic demands.


So, you may transfer a sample of your data to any CRM with Trujay’s Sample Migration Wizard. You can also estimate the price of your migration on our site beforehand. If you’d like to get additional information, contact our support team. We’d be happy to show you how it works in detail or does the entire migration for you.