CRM Conferences in 2020

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CRM Conferences in 2020
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


CRM conferences are the perfect opportunity to stay updated and expand powerful networking. You can gain new knowledge, share your experience with like-minded people, and vice versa.


We created a list of CRM conferences around the globe to attend in 2020. This list offers you the date, time, place, and a short description for each event. 






The International Research Conference aims to share research results and experiences concerning Database Marketing and CRM. Academic scientists, researchers, practitioners, and research scholars will be able to discuss and present all up-to-date trends, concerns, and the latest innovations. 


Creatio is a process automation, low-code CRM company. During this conference, you will learn about the acceleration of sales, marketing, service, and operations. If you are a bpm’online customer and partner, you may attend the conference for free. 






This federal organization has one purpose: to bring together a great number of scientific events to present. This event will be essential for academics, students and industry research. You may bring your contribution to the conference, but make sure your submission meets all the conference’s guidelines.



The conference will be run through submissions of prospective authors’ presentations, research abstracts, papers, and e-posters on all aspects of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing. You may take part in the presentation, but make sure your submission meets all the conference’s guidelines.






To become a marketing, sales, commerce, and service professional, you have to visit this conference. Here you will be able to explore analyst perspectives and receive useful tips. You will be inspired by CX experts and their presentations.



During the three day conference, you will explore the latest social media marketing strategies of 2020 from the best speakers. More than 100 top experts will talk about marketing for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Moreover, you’ll discover more about social advertising, strategy, content, video marketing, and analytics.


  • Sales 3.0 – Orlando, Florida – March 10 through March 11, 2020


Experience unparalleled networking with B2B sales pros, VPs, CEOs, analysts, and tech influencers. You will get best practices, strategies, and valuable insight that you can put into action with ease. Find out more about the latest sales trends during those two days.



It’s a three-day journey of excellent networking, with 2,300 attendees from around the globe. The conference includes 6 program tracks and 300 speakers from the CX industry. During this conference, you’ll discover all aspects of the customer experience.






Discover more about Internet marketing, customer relationship management, product evaluation, pricing strategies, public relations, and sales management. Listen to the experts or present your own experience.



One of the biggest CX events in North America. The most talented leaders from Disney, Amex, and Molson Coors will share their experiences. The main topics for discussion will be cost-cutting, the social media revolution, and game-changing methodologies.



 You’ll experience an industry-changing opening workshop and evening summits. Seize the opportunity to make unparalleled connections. The best industry pros will give you information about the latest marketing tools and keynotes.


  • Topo Summit – San Francisco, California – April 23 through April 24, 2020


200+ attendees, 70+ sponsors, 65+ speakers, 60+ sessions, and 2 days to get actionable insight across 6 tracks. Explore key points that make revenue grow.






The key points of the conferences’ discussion are information management, information systems, and modern industrial automation. Throughout two days, get more information about information technology and workflow management systems.



OutBound is the biggest conference in the Sales Profession and is focused on sales prospecting, productivity, and pipeline. With 1200+ attendees, the most talented speakers and trainers across the globe will be at this conference. If you want to gain competitive benefits and go through the training track, Outbound is where you want to be.



Over 10,000 curious attendees come from different companies ready to join the motivating and inspirational team. Experience the event that will make you take action.






Two seminar halls, round table sessions, 300+ delegates, networking parties, 40 presentations, 9 topic streams, all in one day. The third CX Marketing Summit will demonstrate CX perfectionism.



Investigate empowered agents such as traditional service channels, messaging, and self-service throughout the Customer Service Summit. 30+ professional speakers, 300+ customer service leaders, and 20 sessions across 2 tracks. Take the leader’s tools and improve customer service.






During this conference, you’ll learn about personalized marketing, advertisement management, personalized communication, and relationship management.



The conference will cover topics such as transformation in financial services, the increased value of customer service design, AI, technology and customer engagement. This year’s conference will have over 40 speakers, two seminars halls, round table sessions, 10 topic streams, over 500 delegates, a networking party, and 40 presentations.





Visit this CRM conference to explore strategies for niche marketing, social media technologies, and the pros and cons of niche marketing. 


To increase revenue, listen to the leading speakers about non-traditional marketing strategies, plan development, and implementation. Investigate the role of CRM in non-traditional marketing.



Inbound 2020 is a time of learning and motivation. You may look at your ideas from new perspectives. This conference has more than 26,000 people. It’s an endless inspiration and actional education.






Take the opportunity to study more about CRM strategies, components, and customer behavior.



450+ attendees, 100+ speakers, 45 sponsors and 70+ innovative sessions throughout one week. This CRM conference will boost your CX ROI and other aspects of your business.






Discover innovations and trends of CRM systems and Technologies at this CRM conference 2020. Learn how to build healthy customer relationships and improve customer loyalty.



To retain a competitive advantage, you have to use robotics, AI, and better strategies. The Customer Experience Summit enables successful networking opportunities. It’s not an ordinary summit, It’s interactive and contextual one.






In two days of the conference, you’ll get a deeper knowledge about ways of improving customer loyalty. You will be able to build loyalty strategies and see a great insight into the customer experience.


  • CX Europe – London, England – November 18 through November 19, 2020


Regarding the importance of customers’ experiences, this CRM conference will be useful for those who expect to improve customer engagement, boost profit, and accelerate business growth. It’s a great opportunity for companies to dive into the most recent innovations.






This CRM conference in 2020 provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for educators, and researches to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, and concerns in the fields of Advances in Business Relationship Management.





Having a wide range of possible CRM conferences to attend in 2020, you may easily retain direct customer relationships. If you visit any of these industry events, you will have inspiring spotlights on the business path forward. It’s a brilliant interactive experience because of the connection made with talented thought leaders.  


Conferences are powerful and high-energy events. So, up-skill, recharge and rethink the way of running your business.


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