CRM Data Migration: Why Doing it In-house Won't Work

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CRM Data Migration: Why Doing it In-house Won't Work
by Marketing


When you think about data migration, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 


use trujay for crm data migration


If you mentally circled any of the above, my recommendation is going to be the same: USE TRUJAY. And here’s why: 


Trujay makes the work incredibly easy. We exist to do some of the most routine and complex data migrations out there. If you think that your project is simple enough to do yourself or too hard for anyone to handle, we can accommodate both situations. 



Why In-house Services Won’t Work 



If you decide to do your CRM data migration in-house, here’s what might happen: 


  • Your in-house team will lack the skill for the complexity of your data needs


  • You might waste time on a project that you realize requires data experts to complete


  • Dissatisfaction with project results because not all objects transfer properly


  • You realize that you need to rethink your business processes and clean up your data


  • You don’t know how to use your new CRM solution and are stuck trying to figure out the bells and whistles



Doing CRM data migration with a team of non-data experts compromises your data integrity, plus you waste valuable time and money on a project that has the potential to be right the first time. 



Why Trujay?



The difference between Trujay and an in-house service is that Trujay has CRM expertise and lives and breathes data migration. Instead of relying on your in-house team, put your data in the hands of experts who migrate data for a living. We have various services to fit all types of projects or budget needs. 


The best part is that we’re partnered with and have in-depth knowledge of all the CRMs we support, which are 30 of the most popular CRMs on the market. 


So, not only can we properly move your data from one CRM to another, but we can do onboarding and consulting sessions that accommodate your schedule. Check out why you should go with Trujay’s onboarding. 


Your CRM data migration is important to us. We show this by providing you with a personal account manager who will be with you every step of the way. If the field mapping process confuses you, we can jump on to help guide you through it. Or, we can guide you through every step of the process from start to finish. 



In short


Our company exists to securely and accurately move data. We do it, so you don’t have to. Think of us as your in-house team plus data and CRM experts. We’re the whole package.


You researched what might happen if you use in-house services for CRM data migration, and you looked into all the CRMs we support, as well as all of our services, including Trujay Onboarding. Now that you have all this knowledge to make a decision, make the right one.


If you’re interested in trying the migration on your own using our Self-Service Migration tool, try our Free Sample Migration to make sure you’re happy with the results. We don’t ask for your credit card information until you’re sure you want to use our service, and if you have any questions, please reach out to or reach out via our website chat.


If you want the Self-Service migration done for you (yes, it says self-service, but we can still do it for you), contact for our Guided Migration Service


If you feel your project requirements are too complex for automated migration, contact us about a Custom Migration and we’ll get started right away. 


We look forward to working with you!