CRM Reports: Mastering the Backend of Your Business

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CRM Reports: Mastering the Backend of Your Business
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


CRM reports are essential is mastering the backend of your business. The key to a successful company is undeniably the stretch target, a strong team, and a stable system of control. CRM software plays the role of a robust key holding solution.


Business owners typically appreciate comprehensive and in-depth analyses, as well as a reporting framework that offers the solid ground for a growing enterprise. However, CRM reports are customized devices, and their efficiency depends on the quality of the data and the conditions you set up.


Obviously, a fully clear database is difficult to accomplish but CRM helps you synchronize and update it in real-time. Input with the same definitions for specific fields and schedule a constant revision with data is also advisable.


Despite the fact that analytics is a customizable feature, all CRM reports can be distributed into 3 categories


  • Staff performance
  • Product or service fulfillment
  • Customer’s activities


Let’s take a more critical view of these report items.



crm reports



Evaluate Your Staff Performance


Your sales and marketing departments will work closely with all other business processes. This is why monitoring activities and evaluating them is necessary in order to see the good one and exclude common weaknesses.



Reporting Daily Calls 


The sales department manager should be aware of the number of calls made during a given day, and the accounts receiving such calls. So long as the clients are special, some of them need you to get in touch more regularly.


Daily call report should cover the following aspects:


  • Sum of calls
  • Planned types of calls
  • Lack of specific calls
  • Overdone amount of certain calls
  • Average call duration



Productivity Scope


Such reports provide an unbiased amount of calls, meetings, emails received, product demos, and ideas generated within a day, week, and month. The goal of this review is to evaluate the results obtained with the quotas expected. Sales managers will also provide a report on:


  • Stages of the sales cycle that are below/above the plan
  • Activities they are steadily ahead/behind
  • Areas where they are behind/ahead of quota and what impact it has on the further stages of the sales cycle



Pipeline as Shrewd View on the Processes


The report identifies a variety of leads and opportunities that are nurtured at the given time by the sales manager and their place in the pipeline is visualized. This helps you keep track of a variety of buyers, monitor their progress over phases of the selling process, and see when the deal is dropped.



Long-Range Forecasting


The sales forecast is a document that contains certain deals to be completed in a week, month, or quarter, as well as prioritizes opportunities and helps measure the ROI of the company. The accuracy of this study impacts the entire company as much as it describes those consumers who bought a product or used the service. 


To achieve awaited or even higher revenue levels, a forecasting report should comprise such points as


  • what months/quarters the salespeople show higher/lower results
  • in what periods of year revenue decrease
  • how many leads added/lost in comparison to the previous month




Quality Metrics


The quality of your products as well as the speed and reliability of the services influence the level of income and the work of the employees. You should be able to eliminate these defects if you are aware of the regular issues, problems, and extra costs.



Compliant-Prone Services and Products


Surf the consumer calls, emails, and surveys on the product or service for the most common problems and concerns. While drawing this study, including the stage in which prospects were confronted with this issue, the reason for it and suggestions regarding its resolution.



Demanded and Avoided Items


Knowing which products bring more income is significant, and cultivating their more popular among customers. You should also be aware of what products are low in need and create an enhancement plan or delete them from your product list.



Service Expenses


Service reports list the expenses you spend on service delivery and promote budget allocation for high-level revenue.



Discount and Bonus Validity


Tracking customer conversion during a promotional offer will provide a framework for potential promotions and will improve the most suitable time and place for the project launch. You can do the same trick with the incentives and discounts, and find out what product/service can give you a higher income.




Focus on Customers

A full view of customer data is a valuable resource. However, to segment them and prepare targeted ads and exclusive deals you will need to identify the level of their loyalty and purchase history.



Satisfaction Rates


That form of report is subjective, as long as it is important for any company to know what consumers want and purchase goods, and what they don’t. This also draws a strategic list of products bringing in more sales.



Client Behavior Factor


You should be aware of returning customers who come back to your business to purchase your product or use your service. You will identify those customers using purchasing reports and tailor special deals for them.


Setting requirements for CRM reports carefully and systematically will direct the workers and boost their efficiency, and increase the company’s revenue. It goes without saying that each company has its own specific analytics requirements. Yet knowledge of the results, product/service status of employees, and purchasing habits of customers are critical for companies of any size.



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