Company and Customer Culture: 5 Ways to Build Influence and Trust

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Company and Customer Culture: 5 Ways to Build Influence and Trust
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


Where does customer service begin?


Is there a set of guidelines or necessary policies to be followed by a business to ensure that every customer gets the best experience? And does it begin by setting up a customer service department, which customers can call if they have a problem?


Currently, the customer service culture is even more. It is not a simple department. It’s a philosophy that every company member must accept, from the CEO to the newest employee.


We describe the most effective ways to build an influential customer service culture.


customer service culture



1. Customer service culture: Put the customer first



By putting customers first, you make decisions with them in mind. Everyone in the company understands how they affect both the general customer service strategy and the actual consumer experience.


The best companies develop customer-focused policies and practices and then educate all their employees – not just the front line – into the culture. They learn how to manage those issues, conflicts, challenges, and concerns-but note, they have to go beyond rules and policies. The bottom line is the consumer doing the right thing.


It has financial benefits, but it can also affect the way your team talks to customers, and the decisions they make on behalf of your company. When you see customers as a burden, that will possibly translate into your team’s service style.




2. Company culture: Hire the right people



You’ll need to look inward to get going with the customer service philosophy. One has to be committed to maintaining the values of your company every day. 


You will focus on a new alignment of employees with certain principles. High-performers who don’t align with policies harm your reputation and affect your team’s morale.


Indeed, the most significant thing you can do to build a positive customer service atmosphere is to employ the right people who reflect your values. 


As well as having the right knowledge and experience, when you are recruiting workers, you can ask questions that will help you decide whether it suits an ethical culture.


Hiring the right people means you are raising questions about your values. Just take a look at your benefits to get started. Think about the kind of workplace you want to build if you don’t have them written down.




3. Identify and reinforce your customer service culture



Not to be too abstract, but let’s write down the customer service philosophy. You will have your values, mission, and vision written down and expressed clearly to staff and clients. 


It ensures that you should have a driving principle for your managers and employees to help them decide. Also, it helps inform customers of what you’re trying to achieve to provide feedback.


World-class service organizations create powerful rituals to reinforce the importance of delivering excellent service continually. 


For starters, the regular “line-up” briefing at the Raffles Hotel isn’t about reminding waiters what’s on the menu. It’s a daily ritual to reinforce service as the main ingredient of their success.


A more constructive ritual would be to hold a party that would welcome new hires. Or a gathering to celebrate team members who joined the organization on their anniversary, thanking them for offering another fantastic year of service. 


There’s a lot of ways that you can strengthen your culture. You create it, you call it and, by doing it again and again, you build it up.




4. Company culture: Train and educate your employees



When you train someone to use a package of software, they tend to improve over time. When you teach someone in a technical procedure, the more they use it, the better their performance.


Providing adequate customer service requires you to work with others, not just software and procedures. Your staff has to not only know and understand but also believe in the culture.


It means you’ll need to invest in your employees. They should have the correct training and know what the business stands for to create a positive customer service culture continuously.





5. Company culture: Recognize and reward the success of the team 



Recognition is a powerful form of reward. Salespeople discuss financial rewards. Product developers work hard to demonstrate new technologies. However, most service people are actual people, not bots, or other forms of AI. This requires a lot of professional appreciation from executives and peers. 


External service providers are recognized through customer compliments, extra-mile efforts, and best service recovery. In-house service providers may also be rewarded for the most improved team, the most supportive staff, the best attempts to upgrade service, processes, or standards.


Your culture of customer service should inspire employees to follow your values through their interactions with their customers. Reward those who value customer culture and have exceptional attitudes, even on the hardest of days. 




The Bottom Line


These are the five golden ways to build an influential customer service and company culture. To better organize your company activities concerning customer service, the implementation of CRM is paramount. Check out why in the link above. Find out more useful tips and tricks on our blog