Data is King, and Middleware Might be your Knight in Shining Armor

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Data is King, and Middleware Might be your Knight in Shining Armor
by Marketing

Marketing and Sales

Both marketing and sales departments function around data. Without it, nothing gets accomplished. To create a marketing campaign, you need data about your target market, prospects’ interest or activity. With sales, you can’t start a conversation if you don’t have contact information. Adding to the complexity of this data desperation, many companies compile their knowledge through manual entry exposing you to human errors. Oh, and don’t forget the dilemma of data integrity and duplicates. You also have a wealth of details across multiple platforms, but they aren’t connected so nothing is being shared across departments.


Ride in Middleware

Exchanging data between multiple solutions, especially cloud-based applications, is how middleware came of age. Middleware interprets the data so each application’s API can digest appropriately. However, middleware has extended the possibilities of what can be accomplished. Not only does middleware move data, but it now can manipulate the output for your teams’ benefit. Comparing changes in data over time, checking for duplicates, creating action from the results, adding unique identifiers and combining massive amounts of data from multiple sources can all be accomplished with middleware, making your company more effective.


Conquering the Task

Having in-house developers might entice you to hard code the API connection, removing the basic need of middleware, but it also removes the expanded functionality of what middleware can deliver. Being fiscally responsible, you want to avoid additional cost especially if you’ve just acquired, or are considering, a new marketing automation or CRM system, but the productivity and effectiveness you’re losing could cost you so much more.


In Short

Trujay for victory! Assessing your options, we can locate areas of improvement and how integrating middleware into your environment will reap rewards. Trujay has experience with over 100 use cases and how the advantages can be applied to your company. Let’s work together, and may your data reign!