How-To Perform Data Migration from Copper CRM to HubSpot CRM

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How-To Perform Data Migration from Copper CRM to HubSpot CRM
by Gabriela Theard

In today’s day and age, it is almost impossible to run a successful business without CRM systems. Why?


Customer relationship management software carries out business enhancement and team performance. A great CRM system can help your sales reps close more deals and convert more leads into paying customers.


In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and how-to’s of hassle-free Copper to HubSpot CRM automatic migration with the help of Trujay. Let’s dive in!



Comparison between HubSpot and Copper

Before making a switch from Copper to HubSpot, make sure you determined the company’s top requests and demands to choose the right CRM software for your business. Both CRM systems have pros and cons while using them. Let’s take a look at the main key features of the HubSpot and Copper CRM.


How to migrate from Copper to HubSpot

With Trujay service migrate from Copper to HubSpot without headaches

Trujay is an automated migration service that makes transitions less time-consuming. The SaaS benefits users with the following features: 



  • Data Security and Privacy


Trujay ensures the protection of all data with GDPR requirements.



  • Data Mapping 


With a built-in data mapping option, you can change certain fields mapping as you need.



  • Free Sample Migration


Try out a free sample migration from Copper to HubSpot to see how the service in action. Migrate a limited number of records on your own.



  • Multi-lingual service


Trujay website is translated into English, German, French, and Spanish



  • All-around Support


Our support team is always ready to help you via email, phone, and live chat.



  • Price variety


You may estimate your migration price from Copper to HubSpot on your own. Trujay will help you meet all your business requirements and budget limitations. 



  • Save your time


With automated migration, you may perform the transfer in less time. You can restart the migration at any time at no cost.



Pre-migration Preparation


Before performing data migration from Copper to HubSpot, go through some suggestions for a smooth and successful switch of your data:


  • Test your solution 

HubSpot is totally free, so you are able to try it out and see the platform in action.


  • Organize your records

Remove any unnecessary items you won’t use in your future platform. This helps clean your data and focuses on the useful information after the transition.


  • Get secured

To eliminate any possible data loss, create a backup and retain it even after the migration is finished. 


  • Inform your team

Provide your coworkers with important information about changes and arrange informative meetings and tutorials.


How to prep for data migration: solution, analyze, filter, records, secure, information

Migrate from CopperCRM to HubSpot CRM with just a few clicks


1. Visit our Self-Service tool to fill in your source and target CRMs and your email. No registration required.

How to migrate fromCopper to HubSpot


2. Specify your current CRM (Copper) and new CRM (HubSpot) and log in your credentials.

How to migrate fromCopper to HubSpot


3. Click “Free Sample Migration” to launch; for first-timers, your data fields will be mapped using the most common logic.

  • If you’d like to map fields on your own, click “Fields Mapping”.

4. Evaluate your sample results. If you are satisfied, click “Start Full Migration”.

  • Should you decide to modify your fields, click “Change Fields Mapping”; you can rerun the sample as many times as you need at no cost.

How to migrate fromCopper to HubSpot


5. Fields Mapping: Choose what you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results.


How to migrate fromCopper to HubSpot


Post-migration Tips


When the migration from Copper to HubSpot is complete, use these post-migration suggestions:


  • Check out if the records are transferred to the proper fields
  • Look at the relations between transferred items
  • Create personalized workflow rules
  • Set up the filters for reporting tools
  • Teach your employees how to use a new platform


post data migration records are correct, relations are restored, filters are modified for reporting, workflow rules created and personalized

Final Notes

Join hundreds of Trujay’s happy customers and migrate from CopperCRM to HubSpot CRM today! Start with our free sample migration and enjoy using the desired solution or estimated price. If you would still like to learn more, contact Trujay’s team of experts who are happy to provide helpful insights.