Data Migration from SugarCRM to HubSpot: How-To Guide and Comparisons 

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Data Migration from SugarCRM to HubSpot: How-To Guide and Comparisons 

It’s not you, it’s your CRM.


At some point, your current platform, like SugarCRM, can’t keep up and may no longer fit the needs of your business. As a result, you start to look for a more advanced system, like HubSpot, due to various reasons.


If your business is ready for a migration to a more developed CRM, here’s the best route to go.


Trujay is an automated migration service that migrates customer data for you.


Your migration headache- SOLVED!


The CRM Industry User Research Report by Capterra showed that vendors consider the following reasons to make a CRM switch:

If you’ve started to encounter some of the problems above, transferring data from SugarCRM to HubSpot may be a critical decision to ensure your business’ continued growth and success.


SugarCRM vs. HubSpot CRM: which is the better option?

SugarCRM, launched in 2004, is a user-friendly solution that can be customized to fit companies of all sizes. In its turn, HubSpotCRM, launched in 2015, created as a tool for small and mid-sized businesses. Notwithstanding, the systems have a considerable age gap, both offering efficient features and configuration options.

By and large, both solutions can empower your business with a set of compelling features and boost your customer service performance. However, it is noticeable that HubSpot CRM wins the cost battle. Many consumers show their dissatisfaction of SugarCRM regarding the user adoption rates, resource-consuming upgrades, or long-term contracts with obligatory fees.


Migrate to from SugarCRM to HubSpot in a few clicks

Step 1.

Visit our Wizard and start a one-page sample migration with no registration required.


Step 2.

Once sample results are generated, check out the results. If you’re happy with them, choose an insurance plan and continue migrating the rest of your data.


What if I want to make changes?

Click “change fields mapping” to map your own fields. You can check which fields you want and match them with their modules. For more advanced options, click on the pencil icon. Note: you can re-run the sample as many times as you want at no additional charge.


After the Migration, Ensure…

  • Records are in their correct placements
  • Relations are properly restored
  • Filters are modified for reporting
  • Workflow rules are created and personalized


To Conclude

If your business is ready for a simple, easy-to-use and modern CRM, then SugarCRM to HubSpot CRM migration is the best way to go. Take all the tips above into consideration and perform your sample data transfer or estimate your migration price for free.

If you still want to learn more information regarding the process of data switch, please feel free to contact our expert for useful insights.

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