Data Migration from Zoho to Hubspot CRM: Comparison and Step-by-Step Guide

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Data Migration from Zoho to Hubspot CRM: Comparison and Step-by-Step Guide
by Gabriela Theard

The business world is highly competitive and volatile, making it even that much more important for companies to lay additional emphasis on exceptional customer services.


Today’s organizations not only demand advanced CRMs, but an instrument with holistic and less-complicated features.


So why are CRM systems so important?


According to Hubspot’s Technical Inbound Partner Professor, Aditya Shah,  “Without data in the CRM, sales teams would be unable to constantly adapt to current consumers’ needs, win over new prospects, and learn from past experiences. Organized data enables teams to report on effective sales strategies, avoid unnecessary effort, and improve sales velocity.”


In this article, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of Zoho and HubSpot and learn how to perform data transfer in the most swift and secure way with the help of Trujay.


Zoho CRM vs HubSpot CRM

Both Zoho and HubSpot are simple, user-friendly solutions that offer custom modules, advanced workflow, and integration options. Although the systems are relatively similar, a big part of picking the best one for your company rests in understanding the functionality points and costs.

Overall, both Zoho and Hubspot CRM can increase the quality of your sales processes and improve your customer experiences. However, if you prefer the tool powerful enough to help you reach goals without headaches, Hubspot is the right choice. Let’s migrate!



Follow the steps listen below to migrate from Zoho CRM to HubSpot CRM using our self-service wizard:


1. Visit our Self-Service tool to fill in your source and target CRMs and your email. No registration required.



2. Specify your current CRM (CRM Name X) and new CRM (CRM Name Y) and log in your credentials




3. Click “Free Sample Migration” to launch; for first-timers, your data fields will be mapped using the most common logic

  • If you’d like to map fields on your own, click “Fields Mapping” 




4. Evaluate your sample results. If you are satisfied, click “Start Full Migration” 

  • Should you decide to modify your fields, click “Change Fields Mapping”; you can rerun the sample as many times as you need at no cost




5. Fields Mapping: Choose what you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results


post data migration records are correct, relations are restored, filters are modified for reporting, workflow rules created and personalized

Final Notes

Don’t waste another second of your time! Go ahead and transfer business information to your desired CRM smoothly and securely using Trujay migration service. Say goodbye to migration issues and let us do the dirty work for you!


Still wanting to learn more information about the platforms and the process of migration from Zoho to Hubspot CRM? Contact our expert for useful and helpful insights today!