Data Migration: Wizard vs. Custom Migration Services

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Data Migration: Wizard vs. Custom Migration Services
by Marketing

Article updated November 2021.


Data migration. It’s intimidating; we get it. You decided to make a move to a new CRM (or maybe you are just getting started with an all-new way to manage your business); either way, moving your data has never been easier. But which is better — self-service or custom/guided data migration services? When you’re unsure what the differences between the two are, this could create questions. We’ve outlined a couple of popular migration tools to help get your CRM up and running.


Self-Service: Wizard Migration Tool


For those that prefer to DIY, Trujay’s Wizard Migration allows users to sample its functionality by migrating a sample-sized number of records into their target CRM solution for FREE. This process is practically effortless and requires zero technical knowledge. So what can the Wizard do? Let’s uncover the powers of the foremost self-migration tool.

Migrate to 30 of the most popular CRM solutions on the market


Import your Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Notes, Emails, Attachments, Users, and more to and from CRMs and CSV files. The Wizard offers CRMs such as HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. Check out the complete list of supported CRMs here.


      • Match objects and users: Select the data objects you want to migrate, map the fields and users according to your needs, or create new users.
      • Connect data fields: Make the most of the auto-mapping tool and set up personalized record relationships. You can exclude fields or records that you no longer need.
      • Custom fields: Create custom fields yourself in your target CRM and use the Wizard tool to set up the new mappings. For select CRMs, you can create custom fields directly from the Wizard.
      • Migration insurance: You can restart the migration over as many times as you need to make any changes using one of our insurance packages. Read more about our insurance plans here. 
      • Estimate your price: Estimate the cost of your migration. The price depends on the number of records you want to migrate. Calculate the price when you switch to another platform or make a CSV / Excel backup. 


How does the Wizard Migration Work?


      1. Visit Trujay’s Wizard Tool and choose your source and target CRM platforms from the drop-down menu. Ensure you have active accounts to authorize the CRMs and enter all required credentials.

crm data migration


2. Modify the objects you want to migrate, change the specific mapping fields on your own, or proceed with the default mappings.



3. Start the free sample migration.


4. Evaluate the results. If satisfied, choose an insurance plan and begin the complete migration. 


results of data migration


If something goes wrong and you want to modify the mappings or change the migration options, click the “Customize Mapping” button. Choose the data fields to migrate and proceed to the sample migration.


crm data migration



Want a little more hands-on approach? Trujay’s Guided Wizard Migration provides several hours of technical support. Trujay delivers a dedicated, personal account manager to discuss options, guide you through the mapping process, and do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. Not everyone wants to do a custom project — but might feel concerned about completing a data migration on their own. Request a consultation with an account manager and get your data where it needs to be.



Custom Migration Services



Trujay’s Custom Migration Service account managers will guide the entire process for complex projects or a more white-glove approach. Custom Migrations provide businesses with a personal account manager, migration setup, customization of migration, migration assistance, and the following features:


  • Any CRM Platform: Trujay’s Custom Migration service can safely transfer data to and from any supported CRM.
  • Any objects, requirements, and data sources: Transfer any object to the target platform, including custom objects. Our tech team will analyze and correctly format the database.
  • Any conditions: account managers will guide you through the migration process while technicians perform the data migration to satisfy needs and deliver the desired outcome.
  • Personal approach: a dedicated account manager will set up the field mapping, guide the entire process, and answer any questions.
  • Pre- and post-migration validation: the Quality Assurance (QA) department examines the migration results of each object according to a checklist of specific requirements.
  • All benefits of the Wizard Migration: receive all the features of the Wizard tool plus a personal approach and other advantages.

This chart is a quick way to review what makes the Wizard and Custom Migrations differ and what types of situations call for either.


difference between self service and custom migration


What does a ‘personal approach’ mean?



The personal approach aims to eliminate any possible problems during the CRM migration and assist you through the transition process. You can:


    • Schedule a call and clarify all necessary information about the CRM migration 
    • Get an overview of the main steps of your data import.
    • Get an investigation and analysis of your data migration requirements with our tech team’s help.
    • Evaluate your CRM migration details and let us launch the Full migration to the desired CRM

Wrap Up


Trujay offers a wide range of services for companies in all industries. To begin your free sample migration, visit the Wizard. If a Guided Self-Service Migration approach is more your style, contact, or to get started on a custom project, contact the data experts.