Email Verification: Benefits, How it Works, and Trujay's Neverbounce Partnership

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Email Verification: Benefits, How it Works, and Trujay's Neverbounce Partnership
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Lead generation is a crucial part of getting more customers and improving your sales. There are several different methods to generate leads, such as using social media. Another great way is by building an email list.

In addition to generating leads, having and building an email list can also nurture these leads. You can send people deals, coupons or provide them value in another way. The goal of using an email list is to build relationships with people and try to create new customers by showing the value your business can provide them.

Starting an email list is as easy as setting up a form on your site where individuals can sign up to receive emails from your company. In most cases, you should provide them with some discount, deal, or piece of content in return for their email.

Of course, your site’s user experience (such as how quickly it loads) needs to be high quality to ensure that people get a good first impression of your business and are willing to sign up. However, simply having a list of emails isn’t often good enough. 

It would help if you verified that these addresses are legitimate and not inactive or fake. Without verifying emails, it will be hard to judge how successful a campaign has been, and it can throw off your data and analytics.

Whether you decide to use a bulk email verification service or go another route, this guide will take a closer look at email address verification and cover its benefits and how it works.

The Benefits of Email Address Verification

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The first benefit of verifying your email list is to ensure that all of your data is accurate. In digital marketing, nothing is as essential as your data. It helps you make decisions, enables you to measure results, and can paint a picture of how successful a campaign was.

If you send your emails to a list containing a ton of fake or inactive addresses, it can mess up your data. For example, if you don’t verify, it can be hard to tell whether emails haven’t been opened due to lack of interest or because the email is inactive and no longer used.

Another benefit of verifying your email list now and then is to save money. Both the storage of email addresses and the sending of emails cost money. If you send emails every month to fake accounts or inactive emails, you waste time and money. While verification will likely shrink your email list, it can help you ensure you aren’t wasteful.

Having a verified email list can also improve your sender reputation. Over your time sending emails, you will eventually develop a reputation. This will be built on factors like how many of your emails are opened, how many are marked as spam, and how many successfully send. If any of your emails bounce back and have errors reaching their destination, it isn’t a great look.

Also, this verification can be automated, which can save your team a lot of time. Using automation in your marketing efforts can free up employees to work on more pressing or detailed issues. Thankfully, various automation tools can make things easy for you, with more coming out all the time.

How Does Email Address Verification Work?

Now that you know the benefits and understand why companies use email address verification, how does it work? The first thing that happens is the syntax and formatting are checked. This makes sure that the email address itself is ordered correctly, in the correct format, and it also will look to make sure there are no missing symbols, extra dots in .com, and others.

Next, these services will verify and confirm the domain. It will be checked to see if it is correct and make sure it can receive mail successfully. If this checks out, the next thing that verification services will check is the mailbox.

This is all about making sure the mailbox that you are sending the emails to exists. They will attempt to contact the server, and when a response is received, it can confirm that the mailbox and server are active and can successfully be sent emails. While this seems like a long process, email verification can be done incredibly quickly and produce great results for your company.

Neverbounce: The Ultimate Email Verification Machine

What Is NeverBounce?

Trujay’s partnership with NeverBounce is an invaluable service that provides email address verification and cleaning. You’re probably wondering why you’d need this service if CRMs like HubSpot already notify you of bounced emails. The confusion is about to clear.

Benefits of NeverBounce

  • Each email is checked 75 times on servers across the globe for validity.
  • The service provides real-time notifications, so you have the most up-to-date information around the clock.
  • NeverBounce validates emails for B2B, B2C on local, national, and even international scales.
  • The solution analyzes the email domain’s health to ensure that the domain is active and not invalid or parked.
  • The result codes are easy to understand to segment your contacts.

Trujay NeverBounce Partnership: What it means for the HubSpot user

There are so many benefits one can learn about Trujay’s partnership with Neverbounce. As HubSpot experts, Trujay complements the abilities of email verification solutions like Neverbounce. Learn more by visiting the NeverBounce partnership page.


  • Trujay takes your contact list from HubSpot, runs it through NeverBounce, and imports those results back into HubSpot for you. ​


  • You have the option to set up an ongoing process to validate your contact email addresses; Trujay manages that process.


  • If you need to remove invalid emails from the system, we’ve got your back for that, too!

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Verification Complete

In conclusion, we hope this guide has proven helpful in learning more about email address verification. It is a valuable tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes to ensure your digital marketing efforts can be as successful as possible.