Trujay Feature Request

If you have application problems, or something that should have happened didn’t, please fill out the form below. We take client feedback seriously and are ready to implement any feature you feel is necessary for an optimal experience.

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Feature Request Prioritization Process

Once we receive your feature request, we conduct a review on whether it fits into Trujay’s migration, integration, and/or onboarding services. This process may take some time, as we work to implement your ideas to provide the most optimal customer experience.

Once you have sent your message, it moves to our support team. It will then go through basic validation where we review our backlog to see if it’s a frequently requested feature, is valuable to our services, and so on.

How to Monitor your Request

We read and seriously take into account every idea our clients send us. Our customers are the fuel in making our services better. To keep up with Trujay products and updates, follow us on Facebook or Linkedin. You can also contact our support team to find out the status of your proposal. proposal.