Five Signs Your Company Needs A CRM

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Five Signs Your Company Needs A CRM
by Marketing

For many businesses, automating work has become more than a trend; it has become a necessity. Not surprisingly, the CRM software market has grown by double digits in recent years. People are not machines, and as a result, are prone to making errors. The result? Potential loss of revenue and reputation. 


A CRM (customer relationship management) platform is like a smartwatch for any company. It enables accurate collection of data, detailed performance analysis, cohesion among departments, and comprehensive reports. But, how do you know when your company is ready for a new CRM?


Let’s consider a few of the key signs your business might be ready to make the switch. 

Group At Office in meeting

Sending emails to clients is still done by hand.


Manually inserting customer email addresses is both time-consuming and less cost-effective. Highly skilled employees can spend countless hours on a process that CRM software solves by creating customer databases based on defined criteria.

Writing an email to respond to, notify or attract a client also takes a significant amount of time. You can outsource this task to a professional, (like those featured on Best Websites or Top Writing Reviews), or create templates within the software to expedite the process.


The company is growing in headcount.


As businesses grow, so does their employee count. CRM software enables you to assign a task to a new team member, track whether they called all customers, send required documents, and complete all assigned tasks correctly.


Managers do not take a vacation.


If the head of a department feels unable to take a vacation, it might be time to consider the operations process. The addition of CRM software allows transparency into work, management of cases, tasks, and status remotely and accurately.


Customer service is an issue.


CRM software collects all of a client’s information and agreements, making all correspondence accessible to authorized employees. This organization allows for a more transparent history of the relationship and avoids inconvenient situations.


Use of paper reminders


Small multi-colored hand-written notes are standard in every office setting. But if your sales team is recording customer data on a post-it note, it’s easy to misplace essential details. 

Instead, consider creating a calendar managed by CRM software. Automate tasks and reminders and ensure crucial details are costing your business time and money. 



If your business checked off one or more of these critical signs, it might be time to dive into finding a CRM that works for you and your budget. 



Guest post submission, Frank Hamilton.