Data Health Assessment

Take the first step to a healthier business with our data quality service

When Was The Last Time Your Data Had A Check-up?

It’s estimated that over 30% of the records in your CRM could have bad data. Over time, bad data erodes your organization’s trust, productivity, and revenue. Bad data breaks down reporting, campaign ROI and costs businesses an estimated 3 trillion every year.

Data health is as important as lead generation and closing deals.


Multiple records for the same person or account signal bad data, which leads to inaccurate reporting, skewed metrics, and poor sender reputation, resulting in lost revenue and poor customer relations.


Invalid contacts lower the ROI and effectiveness of campaigns, as the data quality erodes. Marketers need high quality, complete, and accurate data to make informed decisions about consumer behavior.


Bad emails, disengaged contacts, missing details -- all affect deliverability and campaign performance. Bad data creates a poor reputation. A proactive plan ensures productivity and results.

How Does Health Assessment Work?

Trujay’s Health Assessment was developed to help identify potential issues through a deep analysis of your entire CRM.  It pinpoints bad data records that are incorrect, duplicate, improperly formatted, or missing fields. 

You’ve trusted us to move your data, now trust us to keep your data clean.


A snapshot of your data’s health and areas for improvement. 


The total object and record count are listed here. This helps understand the size of your database and the importance of keeping it clean.


Discover the bounce rate and review the issues affecting the deliverability of your emails.


Get a broad look at duplicate contacts affecting your targeted sales and marketing campaign performance.


A breakdown of how marketable your CRM is, providing the real reach of your campaigns and sales initiatives. 

Take the guesswork out of bad data.

Commit your business to improved trust, better revenue, and higher productivity through our data quality assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

One of the biggest issues we find in CRM is related to poorly input or formatted data. This leads to duplicate contents, deals and a. lack of marketability. 

Through Health Assessment, we’ll identify missing, or bounced email address, missing names or poor format,  lack of job title, phone number, and industry. 

We’ll also review emails to ensure that you aren’t attempting to add new contacts that already exist in your system.

No, we do not ask for your credit card to trial our health check. Simply register your account to get started, our assessment is 100% free.

You decide. Export the CSV and handle the details in-house, or we’ve got you covered with our data quality program. We’ll review your needs and provide a customized subscription service with access to our team of experts.