What Can a CRM Expert Help Me Do After I Complete My Data Migration?

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After your sample migration is complete, you will have access to the “Personal CRM Assistant” option.

This option will allow you to acquire assistance from a CRM expert with the following processes:

  1. Migration Results Validation
  2. Simple and complex data filtration (our techs will set up the required data module and arrange them according to your requirements)
  3. Custom fields and object creation in your target CRM
  4. Lead form creation (this doesn`t include form installation on your site)
  5. Lead flow creation (this doesn`t include installation on your site)
  6. Custom activity types of addition (this option is available only for the HubSpot Sales Professional edition)
  7. CRM bot creation
  8. CRM workflow setup (additional information from third-party services is excluded)
  9. Tickets, templates, emails, and snippets setup


Trujay’s tech experts charge an hourly rate of $150.

Complete your order before the full migration and get up to 20% off!

  • 3 hours (over 5 days)  x $150 = $450 → 10% discount →  $405 
  • 4 hours (over 10 days) x $150 = $600 → 15% discount → $510
  • 5 hours (over 15 days) x $150 = $750 → 20% discount → $600

If record count exceeds the purchased hours or you need extra material, our team will bill you accordingly.


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