What is a Full Migration?

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If you are satisfied with your sample migration results, it’s time to proceed with the data transfer by launching a Full Migration. This is where we migrate all of your data (that is, all the data that wasn’t transferred in the sample). 

What should I know about the full data migration?

To continue the migration, click either the “Start Full Migration” or “Add Funds to Start Full Migration” buttons to begin payment. Once the transaction is approved, the migration will start automatically.

Can I change anything while the migration is running?

Once you start the full migration,  it’s best to leave it while the service is migrating your data. Any changes while the import is running will affect the migration process.

Can I close the browser window after the migration has started?

Yes. The process is performed in the cloud, so there’s no need to keep your browser window open. It may take some time to complete the migration, as it depends on your CRM’s features and the number of records you have. When the migration is complete, you’ll be notified via email.

How does migration insurance work?

The Migration Insurance allows you to start the same migration over with just one click. It helps you keep your CRM records protected from inaccurate data import. 

How Much Does Migration Insurance Cost?

  • Basic CRM Migration Insurance – 12% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 1 migration over a 7-day period
  • Extended CRM Migration Insurance – 15% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 2 migration over a 14-day period.
  • Premium CRM Migration Insurance – 20% of the total CRM migration import. Allows 3 migration over a 30-day period.

Insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Exclude Unexpected Pitfalls
    CRM data migration is insured and can be restarted from your account dashboard in one mouse click.
  • Change Migration Preferences
    Run the transfer over by using the Migration Insurance in case you want to make some changes in the previous data import.
  • Save Money
    Insurance price ranges from 12% to 20% of total data transfer price while starting the new migration can take a lot of money and effort.
  • Minimize Time Expenditures
    Start an existing migration over on your own without contacting us, spending time on separate payment, etc.

What is the Hire CRM Expert option?

This option is here so you can get additional support and other services after the migration. 

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