How Trujay’s Self-Service Tool Works

#1 Provide your current and future CRM details.

Visit the wizard and start your free sample migration. Choose your existing and new CRMs from the drop-down menus. Provide the required credentials.
Visit our Self-Service tool.
Confirm your email address

#2 Confirmation by e-mail.

Confirm your email address to receive notification about the sample and the results file.

#3 When you’re ready, click the “Start Sample” button.

Note. For new users, the data fields are automatically assigned using the most common logic

“Start Sample” to launch
Evaluate your sample results

#4 Evaluate the examples of migration results.

If you are satisfied with the results, you can proceed with a full migration by clicking "Start Full Migration".

Note. If you want to modify your mapping, click the "Change Fields Mapping" button.

#5 Objects selection:

Choose what you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results.

Note. You can re-run your free sample migration and change mapping details as many times as you need at no cost.

Choose what you want to migrate
Uses Matching

#5.1 Match Users.

Match the users from your old CRM on the left with their appropriate users in the new CRM on the right.

#6 Map Fields.

Examine and modify (if necessary) the existing mapping according to the needs of your business.
Map Fields