How To Migrate Data from Infusionsoft to HubSpot CRM

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How To Migrate Data from Infusionsoft to HubSpot CRM
by Marketing

So you’re considering migrating your data from Infusionsoft to HubSpot CRM, but still want to know more.


Have no fear, Trujay’s got you covered!


Benefits of being a HubSpot CRM user

How to migrate from Infusionsoft to HubSpot

  • Deals and Tasks: Users can very simply add your deals, assign tasks to push them forward, and track progress in the dashboard
  • Lead Management: Users are allowed to perform the sales activities, observe the detailed organization contact records, and see the communication history all in one view
  • Company Insights: Users can populate new contacts, companies, and deal records with HubSpot CRM database of over 20 million businesses automatically. Simply use the prospect’s corporate email
  • Email Tracking: The user will receive a desktop notification once a prospect opens your email and clicks a link(s) inside. Users are encouraged to follow up right after the potential customers had contact with email
  • Email Templates: Users can turn the most repetitive sales emails into templates that can be personalized, optimized, and shared with other employees. Users are encouraged to observe the metrics across all templates for an individual rep over any period of time


HubSpot’s pricing

  • Guess what? It’s free! FREE FOREVER. HubSpot also offers to add over 1,000,000 contacts, as well as the unlimited users.
  • The only time you might pay is for add-on features and tools.

Why Trujay?

  •  Data Security and Privacy. Trujay ensures the protection of all data with GDPR requirements.


  • Automated migration. The data migration can be performed automatically and in less time, with every bit of information included. You can restart the migration at any time at no cost.


  • Data mapping. With a built-in data mapping option, you can change certain fields mapping to meet your requirements on your own.


  • Price variety. Trujay offers different prices to meet all your business requirements and budget limitations. For example, you may estimate your migration price from Infusionsoft to HubSpot by yourself.


  • All-around support. You can contact our support team at any time via email, phone, and live chat. 


  • Multi-lingual service. Trujay is not only in English, but in German, French, and Spanish.


  • Wide Range of Platforms. Trujay deals with over 30 popular CRMs around the globe.


  • Self-Service tool. Try out a free sample migration to see the system in action. Migrate a limited number of records with ease.


Before migrating steps:

As every kind of change is quite demanding and tedious, there a few steps to take ahead of the data import:

  • Test HubSpot CRM before making any revolutionary changes and moving all the records. Sign in for free and try out the systems’ functionality.
  • Analyze and filter the database. Then delete the copies of data that can help perform transfer faster and a better cost.
  • Prepare a backup to ensure significant records are not lost.
  • Notify employees about the upcoming CRM transfer and explain the advantages of the new solution.


Migration Process

Follow the steps listed below to migrate from Infusionsoft to HubSpot using our self-service wizard:

1. Visit our Self-Service tool to fill in your source and target CRMs and your email. No registration required.

2. Specify your current CRM (Infusionsoft) and new CRM (HubSpot). Log in all needed credentials and click “Authorize” bottom to allow Data2CRM access to the application. 

How to migrate from Infusionsoft to HubSpot

How to migrate from Infusionsoft to HubSpot

3. Click “Free Sample Migration” to launch; for first-timers, your data fields will be mapped using the most common logic

  • If you’d like to map fields on your own, click “Fields Mapping” 

4. Evaluate your sample results. If you are satisfied, click “Start Full Migration” 

  • Should you decide to modify your fields, click “Change Fields Mapping”; you can rerun the sample as many times as you need at no cost

results of data migration

5. Fields Mapping: Choose what you want to migrate before and/or after you’ve generated sample results



Post-migration Tips

Take note of this quality checklist after completion of data migration:

  • Ensure all items are in proper places
  • Organize the personalized workflow rules
  • Arrange the specific filters for reporting
  • Confirm staff has all the necessary tutorials and instructions


Final Notes

HubSpot CRM is designed to enhance business success with simplicity and affordability. Migrate your data from Infusionsoft to HubSpot CRM today!

Keep your conversion open to moving fast or slow, depending on your business schedule. Migration expertise is a MUST because the consultation definitely wraps around our onboarding offer where strategy is necessary. Try out our Trujay’s onboarding service and keep all the aspects of your data migration project under one roof.

Our Guided Migration Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support. You’ll have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. For more details on our Guided Service, check out this page.

Get started now and try our free sample migration If you’d still like to learn more, contact Trujay experts to get the answers to all of your data questions!