How to migrate to Hubspot from Pipedrive

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How to migrate to Hubspot from Pipedrive

As a business owner, you want the company to thrive and improve every day. That is why CRM platforms became one of the most useful and helpful tools to achieve that. But what if your current CRM solution doesn’t meet your requirements and budget anymore or there are other signs you need to migrate to a new CRM platform
Often here appears tough and tricky task on searching accurate, robust and safety guaranteed migration tool. So, have you already decided how to switch Pipedrive to another platform? Reading forward, you will get step-by-step instruction on how to migrate Pipedrive to Hubspot.


Compare Hubspot CRM vs Pipedrive

Before moving forward the CRM migration tutorial, it is recommended to take a minute to examine Pipedrive and Hubspot CRM. That is the way you will dismiss all doubts regarding the necessity to migrate.



Currently, Pipedrive takes one of the leading positions on the CRM market as a great performing solution and the system for sales pipeline management.
Pipedrive was built by salespeople for salespeople. So that most of the features are straightened on achieving selling goals. The platform can help you to follow and organize leads to deliver you an excellent overview of the entire pipeline. So that you will be able to see and put the focus on deals that have to be prioritized. As it was already said, Pipedrive main point is to allow salespeople to sell easier, faster and wiser, basing on direct sales. Also, the system supports 13 languages and works with most leading and minor currencies so can serve users all-around the globe. Besides, Pipedrive has an open API so that it can be migrated to another CRM easily and there are no problems on how to switch to Hubspot.
Finally, there is pretty flexible pricing.
You can choose the most suitable plan for your budget. Also, the free trial is available to check out if the software works for you before spending money for the paid version (no credit card is required).
As for the paid subscriptions, here they are:

  • Silver – $12.50/month/user/billed annually
  • Gold – $24.20/month/user/billed annually
  • Platinum – $49.17/month/user/billed annually

Pros and cons by real users (taken from Trustradius reviews)
Advantages of Pipedrive:

  • It’s easy to move leads from beginning to end.
  • The sales pipeline dashboard is what sold me on Pipedrive… it is customizable, intuitive to use, and informative.
  • Most of the dashboards provided offer various views to allow you to digest the information presented in different ways.

Disadvantages of Pipedrive:

  • Adding new contacts is difficult. Doesn’t seem always to recognize when contacts already exist in the database
  • Not so great customization of importing data to Pipedrive through csv files. Too many required fields that don’t even make sense.
  • Bulk contacting. Pipedrive does not have the option to send one email to multiple contacts at once, but instead, you would have to send them 1 by 1.


Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM is truly one of the leading CRM apps on the market with a large number of satisfied users. Let’s get closer and define why.
Hubspot was built to allow sales teams to start using CRM without making changes in most of the existing workflow. It can help you to create contact and company profiles, assign and track deals, control your agents’ performance, get detailed reports, on a single dashboard with no limit of members who track the company’s activities.HubSpot is fast and simple that is critical for startups and small business where all the processes are rapid and demand the same reaction from CRM. It makes the platform a perfect solution for companies that just start using CRM and want to try it out. Also, the enterprises that do not use all the features of the current CRM system will be happy with Hubspot. Most users also appreciate that HubSpot CRM is a certified Google partner and is one of the free solutions can offer a wide range of integrations. For more advances, Hubspot offers HubSpot Marketing that can align the CRM and marketing efforts and HubSpot Sales that helps to improve inbound sales.
As for the pricing, Hubspot CRM is free forever.
Pros and cons from real users (taken from Trustradius reviews)
Advantages of Hubspot:

  • Has everything you’d expect from a free CRM and is the best free CRM for getting started as you figure out what needs you have in your processes that I’ve seen
  • Lots of pieces of training on how to use the software
  • Super-intuitive – HubSpot’s UI is very well-constructed, and was very easy for our team to get used to.

Disadvantages of Hubspot:

  • No support for multiple currencies within deals
  • Doesn’t integrate into other email tools – If you use a third-party email client there is no ability to track those emails through HubSpot’s CRM currently.
  • The only area where I’d like to see HubSpot improve is in their design manager (specifically for emails and landing pages).


So if you need a simple yet powerful solution with superior integration abilities, Hubspot is your choice.


Few steps toward your success: Pipedrive to Hubspot CRM tutorial

1. Go to Migration Wizard and launch free Sample import right away, no registration required. Select Pipedrive from the drop-down list, enter URL and API. Please note that you have to enter multiple APIs for each user need to be migrated. After that, choose Hubspot and press the “Authorise” button. When done, launch Sample.

pipedrive to hubspot


2. If the results are satisfying, dismiss the doubts, choose the insurance and migrate From Pipedrive to Hubspot right now.

pipedrive to hubspot


Notice that at the very first time your data will be mapped automatically using the most common logic.  So, in case you are not satisfied with the results, restart Sample migration over as many times as needed using own mapping. Click the Change Options button, match CRM Users along with modules to be migrated and map data fields to set up connections between them. After that, start Sample once more.

pipedrive to hubspot

pipedrive to hubspot


Putting all together

As seen, both platforms are great and worthy solutions. However, if your current CRM, Pipedrive doesn’t satisfy the business needs or budget anymore, probably you should change it.
We’ve considered one of the possible ways out, migration to Hubspot CRM. So if it is suitable for you, don’t wait up!
Try out an automated Sample migration during which a limited amount of your data from Pipedrive will be transferred to Hubspot for free.

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