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Keep your HubSpot in "sync."

Let’s face it, integrations with data flowing, updating, and syncing can be fragile with a lot of complexities, you want to ensure your sync is tested, and validated, before flipping the “on” switch of any new integration to your system.

Avoid costly integration errors, duplicate data, or incorrect records in your system that halts team progress.  Let our extensive experience with complex and unique advanced-level integrations help advise if a native integration is sufficient, or if objects need customization beyond what is offered natively.


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Configuring Native Integrations

The integration is free, great. But it doesn’t work. Why? We'll leverage our integrations background and skillset to solve the issue, and configure the mapping correctly to avoid issues.

One-way syncs with HubSpot and other systems

It could be your application’s database or your ERP. We can handle one-way integrations with a low-cost solution avoiding high custom integration costs and timelines.

Custom integrations that are deep and complex

We have you covered. Our sister company, IntegrateHQ, built their platform providing enterprise integrations with robust functionality and power, explicitly designed for HubSpot.
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Advanced Zapier integrations

These advanced or action/trigger integrations are some of our favorites. Whether providing a bit of code or layered into an if/then branching workflow, we can assist in getting your data exactly where it needs to be.

Custom Object Communication

When Notes, Email Correspondence, Tasks, Purchase Orders, Invoices, or Custom Objects need to communicate with (or come from) HubSpot aren’t standard on MarketPlace. We'll get you in “sync” with objects that impact your integration.

Get more with Trujay's Integration experts.

Included with every integration package, the iPaaS (the product) will be appropriately configured to send, query, update, and create data across systems. 

Note: the product will have a monthly or annual cost associated with it, between $250-$700/month average for one-way syncs and custom integration builds.

 The initial build out of the integration can be time-consuming in some enterprise cases, and can take 10 hours to 100 hours depending on multiple systems, object data manipulation, and complexities. Each requires to be mapping, testing, and validation.

Some vendors offer an hourly rate for these service hours ranging $175-$250/hour, while others include in the use and purchase of the product license.

 What is the Trujay integration advantage?

Trujay found numerous limitations with previous middleware providers such as: Dell Boomi, Workato, and MuleSoft. As a result, we developed our own unique iPaaS (middleware), built specifically for HubSpot and deep enterprise type integrations such as an ERP, FTP, DBs. IntegrateHQ enables the team to monitor integration health, discrepancies, and provides robust functionality with customizations.  

Trujay uses our tools to sync data with standard objects from one system to another for easier one-way syncing integrations, reducing costs and hours – with average costs ranging from $250-$400/month.


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