HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020

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HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference 2020


“Our content types have been reimagined for the digital landscape, our speaker lineup is INCREDIBLE, the event is more global than it’s ever been, and we’ve built in plenty of surprise and delight moments for attendees. Our goal through this creative process has been to drive the same energy, excitement, and connections that would take place in-person and ensure that they will still be felt deeply online. Our digital platform has been built from scratch for our attendees, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.”


– Heather White, INBOUND


This year, many conferences moved to a fully digital event because of the COVID-19 health crisis. HubSpot INBOUND Conference wasn’t an exception. The meeting took place in Boston, September 22nd – 23rd, in a 100% online format. 


It’s worth reminding that INBOUND is traditionally a three-day in-person conference that brings together business professionals from almost every industry and includes motivational keynote speakers, breakout sessions, engaging workshops, HubSpot-exclusive product updates, and more. It’s a perfect opportunity to motivate and train your team and to extend your network. 


So, let’s see what INBOUND 2020 looked like as a virtual conference.



HubSpot Inbound 2020: Deep Dives


hubspot inbound event


Live 90-minute class-style sessions that go beyond introductory concepts. There was a chance to relive your college memories in this 2-day session with thousands of participants and world thought leaders.


Dynamic Duos


When an unexpected guest arrives, educational breakout sessions with two speakers made this session especially dramatic and filled the room with curiosity.


INBOUND debates


Two speakers debate on a particular problem. This interactive session, led by most aspiring industry speakers worldwide, allows you to put your opinion in between, making it more informative.


Ask Me Anything


Open dialog is welcomed via a live chat when it applies to technical discussions. Ask Me Anything is a highly energetic session, where you get all your questions answered, with some of the world’s top business leaders and speakers.



Up Next


Business leaders share the stage and illustrate leadership capacity in their businesses. Get inspired by the Superstars industry, be part of their experience is impressive, and realize they’ve grown from so many specific experiences, achievements, and failures.



HubSpot Case Studies


The professors at the HubSpot Academy perform case studies. This session is led by HubSpot Partners to demonstrate how HubSpot helped businesses thrive with top-notch products and services.





Speakers respond to pre-submitted questions giving their job advice. This on-demand session will help you get the latest tips and guidance from industry experts.



My Cheat Sheet


Experts share their tips and tricks for optimizing productivity and controlling goals. This session addressed all your business needs. You can have cheating cards, hints, tactics, untold codes, and hacks to make your business work.



The Moment When


Presenters share their experiences about those who have shaped their lives and their careers for the better. Your first job, or your first workplace, has inspired you to become a better person. The goal of this session is to uncover all those instances that enable leaders like you to develop.





Connect in a group setting or 1:1 based on interests. Get a chance to grow up and talk to thousands of people around the world. Know what others are doing and what they’re thinking about the post-pandemic period.



Reflections: Topic


Up to 15-minute relaxation, sessions to help you feel better and re-energize until the next session. In order, you won’t feel fatigued, these few minutes of sessions are full of caring and relaxation.



Podcast Partnership


Your favorite podcast, recorded live at INBOUND. This year, you could have access to a podcast collaboration where you can hear your favorites tuning in.



HubSpot Inbound Virtual Conference Enhancements


hubspot inbound


Sales Hub Enterprise 


Sales Hub has custom objects, specialized approvals, sophisticated reporting, and enhanced sales acceleration software and configure-price-rate features. 


Custom objects are a significant addition to the Sales Hub. This feature allows you to have more versatility and control to match your CRM through creating and determining properties that don’t fall under the typical categories like contacts, companies, or deals.


You can also activate custom object data workflows and set registration triggers unique to your custom objects’ properties to target whoever and whenever you want. There is also a new Sales Hub Implementation Certification at the HubSpot Academy so that you can be accredited with new Sales Hub software and features.


Contact Marketing 


Coming October 21st, 2020 – only pay for the contacts you want to sell. With the latest scalable contact pricing in the Marketing Hub, you just have to pay for the contacts you want to sell. There are days of concern about marketing to contacts who have signed out of marketing emails, bounce contacts, or quarantined email addresses. 


You can adjust your contact list every month so that you can change how many contacts you market monthly, enabling you to adapt to the ever-changing client list of your company. You will then be able to enjoy free storage of up to one million non-marketing contacts.


Upgrades to Marketing Hub


Marketing Hub includes advanced customization software, a new report builder, and custom objects. Businesses need the opportunity to provide deeper customization through their marketing platforms. Thus, companies can create meaningful relationships with consumers in the digital world.


With new custom object features and ad updates, automation, behavioral events, and email tools in the Marketing Hub, companies can leverage rich data in their CRM to offer deeply personalized experiences through multiple touchpoints. And with HubSpot’s new custom report creator (beta) and expanded reporting restrictions, companies will gain in-depth insights into how customers communicate with their marketing materials.


Service Hub 


Service Hub enhancements include logged-in guest identification, support desk automation, and team management capabilities, in addition to a multi-language knowledge base. HubSpot also added logged-in visitor detection to the Service Hub so that businesses can respond to messages more quickly and personally in the inbox conversations.


New help desk automation features have been introduced to allow companies to set up in-app chatbots to answer common questions. In addition to in-app chatbots, HubSpot offers assistance to businesses with an international user base by incorporating multi-language knowledge base capabilities.


Improvements to the HubSpot Ecosystem


HubSpot ecosystem includes a redesigned Solutions Directory and new remote work integrations in the App Marketplace.


HubSpot makes it easier for companies to develop a digital-based technology stack with updates to remote work apps like Slack and Zoom. New applications such as Microsoft Teams have been introduced to the marketplace and new app integrations such as Canva, to help you customize the content without leaving HubSpot.


HubSpot has now revamped and fully redesigned its Solutions Directory to help companies find the right service provider to succeed in the digital world. This allows every organization to adapt to the “new standard.” 



The Final Words


So, as you can see, HubSpot INBOUND Virtual Conference could take place despite the globe’s pandemic difficulties. All participants, attendees, experts, speakers, and new options made the event fantastic, informative, and useful for every business.


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