HubSpot New Hire & Team Training

Our advanced training service develops your company’s HubSpot expertise, enabling each tool’s versatile use.

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Our experts are standing by to assist.

So you’ve made a move to HubSpot. (No small feat.) You’ve completed onboarding, and you’re ready to take on the world … sort of. That’s where we come in. 

Whether generating quality sales leads, streamlining sales processes, enabling the best customer experience, or aligning your marketing and strategic goals, we’ve put together processes to help ensure your HubSpot portal is running efficiently and effectively. 


New Launch

Something new? We've got you.

Learning new software can be daunting. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge or a bit of extra support to show you how HubSpot works. We go beyond moving data, ensuring that we help convert your environment and processes using groups of fields, deal stages, pipelines, and consolidation.

These features are why you chose HubSpot. We want to ensure we help to deploy them for a successful implementation.


New Hire Training

One-on-One or Team-Based Training. We do that here.

Growth means new employees; new employees means more training sessions.
We also get that you may not have the resources to train new team members as you grow.

If this sounds relatable, you’re in luck: we’ll become a dedicated resource tasked with keeping your team up-to-date on the latest tools of the trade.


The Academy

Beyond the Classroom. We teach the way your team learns.

For us, it’s all about discovery, listening, and learning what your unique business needs are. Trujay training sessions are dependent on your initiatives and how your team prefers to learn. We train the management, groups and design advanced tutorials. All sessions are recorded and can be reused and referenced as needed.

Trujay Training Roadmap: What To Expect

Participate in live coaching, network with other HubSpot users, or leverage our experts at your fingertips on an as-needed basis.

Teamwork makes the (business) dream work.

Let’s chat about a custom-to-you approach to onboarding your dream team.