Insightly and Salesforce: How to Make Your Business Prosper

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Insightly and Salesforce: How to Make Your Business Prosper
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


Insightly and Salesforce are leading CRM systems, however, differ immensely. The right implementation of a company’s process is important during the thorny road to success. The key driver is the CRM tool, as it meets company objectives through its workflow automation and improves the customer experience. 


For such a wide variety of CRM solutions, you have to find a platform that fits the company’s needs.


Let’s narrow down the features to two powerful CRM systems, Insightly and Salesforce.



The Main Differences Between Insightly and Salesforce


Insightly vs. Salesforce

All systems have flexible functionality that optimizes workflows, boosts revenue and improves customer service. Insightly is built for small to mid-sized businesses, while Salesforce can carry the weight of enterprise-sized data. 


Let’s take a closer look.




Who is Salesforce for?


Salesforce is the best option for midsize, large, and enterprise-sized companies. Its ultra-strong features include lead, contact and sales management, contract and order management, and has a visual app builder. However, Salesforce is considered to have a steep user learning curve. The implementation of SFDC is recommended through independent or provider-led training.




Who is Insightly for?


Companies in any industry looking for a simple to use yet powerful CRM with project management and delivery. Monitor everything from sales prospects to supplied projects on the same platform. 


This is for project teams that want to co-manage information easily and cheaply because of its project-centric nature. The platform provides a variety of plans, many of which include streamlined project management with flexible project processes and the ability to turn won deals directly into projects.




Insightly vs. Salesforce: Lead & Contact Management


Insightly vs. Salesforce


The management, storage, and utilization of customer information play a significant role in the success of any company. 


Salesforce’s contact management feature doesn’t only let you organize and store any communication you have with a customer. It lets you monitor the history or activity of interaction through their past emails and social media. Tracking a contact ‘s background will let you gain a deeper understanding of what your contact really needs and maybe huge support in the following leads.


Aside from arranging a contact’s engagement with your company and monitoring their social media activity, Insightly has ‘Relationship Linking’ that lets you monitor the relationship of one customer to another. For example, inside a client’s organization, you can connect a person to their direct supervisor so you can get a better understanding of how the organization operates.


A clear understanding of the processes of your client may be helpful in making strategic decisions for how to strengthen your relationship with them. Good customer service may contribute to turning leads into real sales.




Insightly vs. Salesforce: Analytics & Forecasting

Insightly vs. Salesforce


It is important to track and record how the business performs. Constant analysis can be helpful in determining what needs to be done in order to produce more revenue or make the company more competitive overall. Additionally, keeping a close eye on your business results will theoretically help you avoid unforeseen issues and make changes to your business strategy, if necessary.


One of the many things users enjoy about Salesforce is its personalized reports. As a company owner, you get to determine what basic information you would like to be accessible on the reports and overview. Salesforce also has an Analytical Snapshots feature that lets you record reports at a given time. This lets you keep track of the trends in your company, like revenue, employee performance, etc.


Insightly also provides a detailed but pre-configured report with respect to the reports and the dashboard functionality. Just like Salesforce, this CRM’s reporting and dashboard feature let you see the company, results, and lead patterns. In Insightly’s premium plans, report updates that will inform users whenever a new report is produced are provided.




Insightly vs. Salesforce: Integrations


Insightly vs. Salesforce


The integration is another major factor every business owner should look for when choosing the ideal CRM for their company. Without the integration applications and systems, no matter how good Salesforce or Insightly is, you can not get the best out of this product.


There are so many applications and services that can be incorporated with Salesforce that allows this CRM a broader scope in terms of the types of company for which it can be compatible. You will get paid plans for those integrations on Salesforce. Many of the apps and services that can be integrated into Salesforce are G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Quickbooks. Jira, Cloud infrastructure, and Cloud marketing.


The applications and technologies that you can incorporate into it are what make Insightly appealing to certain users. Familiar software such as Google Apps, Google Drive, and Outlook can be built into this CRM. When you are on an Insightly free plan, you will show your Insightful Calendar on your Google Calendar.




Insightly vs. Salesforce: Support

Insightly vs. Salesforce


Salesforce only offers one-on-one customer support for potential subscribers. Although more expensive, it’s worth paying for the full-serviced version of Salesforce. SFDC has a large range of self-help to support you, and at Salesforce University, you can even learn how to use the system on a deeper level. 


With the Salesforce licenses at the lower level, you get access to the Enterprise license level. There’s also Salesforce Knowledge Base, how-to guides, forums, training courses, and certifications.


Insightly provides guidance, telephone support, and preparation to help the customer get the most out of Insightly CRM. No matter what the customer will do, there’s a plan for you to be better. 


Help & Service Plans link consumers with Insightly team of company experts to ensure that Insightly CRM helps attain business objectives. All customers have access to email help, a comprehension of Insightly’s comprehensive Help Center, and Community forums. 




Insightly vs. Salesforce: Pricing


Salesforce offers the following editions:

  • Essentials: $25/month per user
  • Professional: $75/month per user
  • Enterprise: $150/month per user
  • Unlimited: $300/month per user


Insightly has the following editions:


  • Premium – $1500, minimum per year, or 10%
  • Ultimate – $3000,  minimum per year, or 15%
  • Admin – $10000,  minimum per year, or 30%




To Sum Up


Take into consideration all the above-mentioned features between Salesforce and Insightly. Come up with the right decision in order to make your business prosper.


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