Integrate HQ by Trujay Named a Winner in HubSpot's 2019 Impact Awards

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Integrate HQ by Trujay Named a Winner in HubSpot's 2019 Impact Awards
by Marketing

For this first time in Trujay history, IntegrateHQ by Trujay has been named a winner in the Integrations Innovation category in HubSpot’s Quarter Four 2019 Impact Awards.



HubSpot, a leading growth platform, uses the award to recognize members of its Agency Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.



Trujay successfully launched an integration solution that was built specifically for HubSpot customers.  The solution allows for seamless implementations with the HubSpot CRM, Marketing and Service Hubs. IntegrateHQ has achieved superior customer satisfaction with happy customers that are taking advantage of feature sets that are not available in competitive solutions. Learn more about the award-winning integration innovation here.

“We are extremely proud of this product, and we have received overwhelming satisfaction ratings from customers. IntegrateHQ greatly increases the value of HubSpot for our customers and their end users. Trujay Group has decided to spin out the integration solution and moving forward will deliver IntegrateHQ from its own unique company – IntegrateHQ LLC."
Darren Trumeter
Trujay | CEO & Founder


IntegrateHQ was built to connect any data or system to HubSpot directly, something no other company has ever done before. Being the first specific HubSpot middleware, we have expert-level experience and in-depth knowledge behind our HubSpot integration projects. 



IntegrateHQ fits every kind of user. Whether you have little knowledge or an in-depth understanding, our middleware adapts to all levels of technical experience. We have the well-rounded skills and expertise to execute any integration project to the highest degree.

Read the recognized case study here.

“At HubSpot, we rely on our partners to help us make it easier and more productive to use HubSpot. Trujay has had such a positive impact on the success of their customers, with their focus on data migrations and now integrations. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I congratulate Trujay for their new IntegrateHQ solution’s success.”
Katie Ng-Mak
HubSpot | VP of Global Partner Strategy and Operations
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