Interview with Micah Feldkamp - Insightly CRM Expert

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Interview with Micah Feldkamp - Insightly CRM Expert
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

Editor’s note: CRM consultants are the experts who can help make your company more effective, particularly when it comes to implementing a new platform. Our latest interview is with Insightly CRM consultant and expert, Micah Feldkamp. Together with Micah, we will discuss the essential aspects of CRM, its potential, discover fascinating facts about Insightly, and learn more about customer service.

Trujay: Micah, you have been working with CRM systems for six years now. As a CRM consultant, can you tell our readers the main benefits of CRM implementation in any organization?

Micah: CRM software enables you to center your business around your customer. You will gain insight into your customer’s habits thus anticipating the customer’s next move. If you deliver on the customer’s desire before anyone else does, you will be in a better position to acquire and retain customers. I could go on about all the benefits, but that benefit is by far the most profitable reason to invest in a CRM. 

Trujay: Why did you choose Insightly? Why (and how) did you become an expert in this solution? 

Micah: Six years ago I was looking to switch from an expensive and robust CRM called Salesforce. I researched several CRMs and found Insightly to be the most simple, cloud-based CRM with a streamlined workflow and native integration with Google G Suite (formerly called “Google Apps for Work”). It took less than a few days to set up and start using the software. 

As I dug deeper into the software, I found myself looking for answers in the Insightly Community and saw a vacuum for implementation services. In 2014, Insightly was very easy to set up so the demand for this service didn’t exist, but as I learned working at another software consulting firm this would soon change. I anticipated Insightly would grow to be more pricey and robust. I anticipated users would need consultants to implement the new advanced features. Today this is true.  

I became an Insightly expert by walking in the footsteps of my old coworker, Donovan Sachs. He made a difference in the market by contributing hundreds of custom reporting articles in the QuickBooks Community. Eventually, Donovan got noticed by big influencers in the accounting industry, was invited to blog on popular Quickbooks sites, and paid to speak at QuickBooks trade shows. Donovan became “THE QuickBooks Reporting Expert”.

I simply copied what I learned from Donovan, but with the Insightly Community, contributing +500 articles, blogs, and videos. By planting those seeds and helping thousands and thousands of people, today I am able to reap a rich harvest just like Donovan!

Trujay: Based on your expertise, what is required to ensure the successful adoption of Insightly CRM?

Micah: Eighty percent of the job is getting users to show up and play with the software. The other 20% is better said in this article I wrote, Top CRM best practices for user adoption, giving you 7 CRM best practices to help with user adoption and cultivate good habits with your users.

Trujay: Several CRM vendors emphasize the effectiveness of social media in data gathering and marketing campaigns. In your opinion, can social platforms enhance customer experience or have an adverse effect?

Micah: Major online platforms (including social platforms) enhanced the customer experience indirectly by presenting millions of user profiles to the public. You can get highly accurate data about anyone now. Data enrichment software such as Clearbit boasts a 95% accuracy rate on their marketing data. This level of accuracy and volume was unprecedented before the birth of social platforms. Integrating data enrichment software with your CRM gives you critical information about your prospects enabling you to build personalized marketing campaigns and enhance your customer’s experience. 

Trujay: Insightly is a robust and popular CRM. What sort of business or organization is best to use Insightly as their primary CRM? 

Micah: Insightly CRM is used successfully for most industries because Insightly is a horizontal market software and has an open API for you to extend the software’s functionality. You could think of Insightly as a ball of clay that shapes smoothly around all your business processes. 

There are certain cases where Insightly is not a good choice. If your organization needs to comply with regulations on handling customer data such as HIPAA, then you are better off using a vertical market software made for that country’s laws and industry. 

Here are helpful resources when selecting Insightly for your business: 

Data Security & Compliance

Customer Stories & Case Studies 

Trust Radius Reviews 

G2 Reviews

As an interesting side note the CEO/Founder of Insightly, Anthony Smith, initially created Insightly for consulting firms in Australia! 

Trujay: Could you please share any valuable resources, books, articles, blogs, or others that would help our readers become Insightly experts? How to gain experience in Insightly?

Micah: 1) I challenge you to beat my +500 contributions! Go to the Insightly Community, contribute, and learn by solving user’s problems. You will learn so much from a variety of use cases and find out what users desire most from the software. 

2) As you learn the software hands-on, you will find the biggest demand from users are integrations and internal automation. In order to fulfill these demands, I recommend learning Zapier. 

Zapier is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) software used to quickly deploy integrations with Insightly and thousands of other apps online. As you start building your integrations (or zaps), you will notice Zapier’s Insightly connection has limited functionality so you will want to implement the following tools and features:

3) After mastering these elements, you will eventually upgrade to Insightly CRM Enterprise! 

There are many upgraded features, but the notable upgrades are:

    • Workflow automation integrations with AWS Lambda Functions providing enhanced security and custom integrations with other apps.
    • SAML 2.0 SSO authentication for enhanced security and integration with an identity provider.
  • Object Validation Rules for formatting data before it gets into the Insightly database. They use C# programming to configure this feature. 

As you can see there is much more to learning just the CRM, there is a giant ecosystem the CRM is built on not to mention the new Insightly Marketing! You will need to learn a bit of everything to implement a profitable CRM system. 

Lastly, Insightly CRM is just a tool, a resource, or simply a piece of rope that helps you climb a mountain. You will need other tools and strategies to help you up along the way too. Go beyond CRM and tackle G Suite implementations, data management and Chromebook & mobile device deployments – all services I specialize in with my Google Cloud Partner plus3trainings – to ensure you are focused, secure, and profitable!

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