Is an Integrated Data Reporting System Crucial for Online Businesses?

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Is an Integrated Data Reporting System Crucial for Online Businesses?
by Marketing

The world is going through a significant data shift from old manual methods to digitally integrated data solutions. What exactly is an integrated data reporting system? What should you expect with trending data reporting systems? 

So take a back seat and let us drive you through the details of these newest (and most reviewed) online data reporting systems. 

We can all agree that data is the “new oil” and one of the most critical weapons for modern businesses. Most successful companies maintain their data integrity as a core function. Well, how to do so? Please keep reading and find out all the necessary details that you need to know about data integration and its reporting systems.


What is an Integrated Data Reporting System?


An integrated data reporting system aims to bring various distinctive communication platforms into one dashboard to create valuable business insights. So it means that This reporting system can now link a business’s social media platforms and websites together. 

But you might be wondering how does it benefit a business? And how does an integrated data reporting system becomes crucial for online businesses? Well, without these newest marketing automation tools, your business will have to undergo various roadblocks. First, it is a tedious and laborious process of extracting data from each social media channel and aligning it with marketing goals and KPIs. Second, all social media channels and websites use their own set of metrics for monitoring data, and the formats of these metrics are different from each other. 

With the help of an integrated data monitoring and reporting system, every piece of information present on distinctive platforms is shared seamlessly without any hassle, and that is the best part. As a result, the business gets access to valuable marketing insights at one platform to easily align them with all their marketing goals effortlessly.


Importance of Data Monitoring Tools


Data monitoring and reporting tools are undoubted of great importance for any online business. They save you a lot of time and get your hours of manual work done within a few minutes.

 Yes, that is right. These data monitoring and reporting tools help promote business agility by instantly working on all marketing platforms that involve any and every type of online data. 

Data monitoring tools are also a great way to save yourself the time that goes into manual data preparation. It gathers all your information across every social platform and generates a well-formulated and automated data report.

These automated data tools are crucial for every online business since it gets you all your cross-channel reports within minutes. This saves your business a lot of time and receives every report delivered within minutes.


Benefits of Integrating Data Systems for Businesses


Let’s look into some of the exciting benefits that integrating a data monitoring and reporting system offers for your business:


Multi-Channel Marketing

Yes, you read it right! an integrating data system helps promote business efficiency by providing real-time data monitoring through multi-channel marketing across various social media and online communication channels. 

These data reporting and monitoring tools provide a centralized data solution that helps integrate marketing goals, KPIs, marketing campaigns, and CRMs (customer relationship management systems) into one forum. 

For instance, using Instagram metrics for your online business can give you a detailed overview and breakdown of your brand’s online presence on Instagram. These metrics track profile visits, the performance of your business, impressions, and much more. But there is one catch. How would these metrics align with the metrics of Facebook and google analytics? They certainly need an integrated forum for all multi-channel data metrics to generate valuable customer insights. So what else does one need? A well-formulated data reporting system where all the data movement and tracking is automated and reports are generated in real-time.


Data Accuracy

We understand how mundane and frustrating the process of manually tracking every detail of a business can be, but you are not alone. This tedious process invites consequent human errors and losses for the business as it makes it quite troublesome to focus on the same repetitive task every day.

This is precisely why having an integrated data reporting system is beneficial. An integrated data monitoring and reporting system are designed to generate a unified report for all your marketing metrics in one place. It includes all your business campaigns, accounts, social media handles, email verification possibilities, websites, and valuable data need to generate valuable customer insights and your presence in the digital world.


Automated Report Delivery

Another benefit of having access to a performance monitoring tool is it makes collaboration easier and more effective between employees and business departments. 

These automated tools make it easy to exchange reports internally within the marketing department and management. You can monitor the frequency at which you would like to share these reports daily, weekly, or monthly. 

You can also use data segmentation as a strategy and distribute all the necessary details regarding your business channels and customers into various segments. This strategy creates targeted marketing communication for the audience within the data segment and increases sales.


Customer Relationship Management

Having a centralized, automated, and well-formulated data monitoring system also helps drive customer satisfaction and sales. For instance, if you have an online business, and you choose to integrate it using CRM or any project management software, it would eventually give a better understanding of customer data insights to your employees based on the online interactions. 

You can also use your marketing mix with data integrating systems to reach your targeted audience. For agencies handling multiple client accounts, the ability to provide custom branding for each report based on the logo, color variations, etc., is key. If a company is using the platform for themselves, they can customize it according to their preferences. 


Pre-made Templates:

Having an organized and well-planned data monitoring system is crucial to generate sales in online businesses. And this can be made more accessible by using pre-made templates and widgets, making reporting so much easier. For example, you can generate performance reports within few minutes with pre-made templates. Save time by working on pre-made templates and edit them per your need to generate instant reports.



Submitted by Vytautas Pucka, SEO Manager @ Whatagraph