5 Best Options for Migrating into HubSpot CRM at a Low Cost

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5 Best Options for Migrating into HubSpot CRM at a Low Cost
by Marketing

It might seem crazy to advise our prospects and customers on the ways they can spend less money, but we are aware that most companies didn’t plan on spending money in this area in the first place. One of the primary methods that we advise to lower your migration costs involves cleaning your data before we get our hands on it. If our team can focus on the data migration and not spend time cleaning data issues, then your costs with us will be reduced. 


In many of our projects, we find that the data is clearly outdated and given to us in a form that needs great effort to streamline into a data-friendly migration path. Reducing duplicates and removing bad data will not only lower your costs with us, but it will give your company a better view of your own database to help you plan out the future and make sure it gains in value over time.

There are several options for moving your CRM data into HubSpot at a low cost. HubSpot is famous for its simple software and user interface; customers typically want to jump onto the new system as fast as they can. The range of costs for data migration to HubSpot is typically tied to the amount and the requirements for the data. Trujay encompasses a team of CRM experts and is devoted to making data migrations as painless as possible. We want new HubSpot customers to be aware of the many ways they can minimize their costs of data migration to HubSpot.

We consider data migration projects to be very important. We find that a good number of companies want to use a professional vendor that has deep experience in moving data to make sure there are no mistakes and that data is not corrupted.  If your dataset is of the right size without too many complexities, you can move your data to an affordable CRM for free or at a low cost.  As your dataset grows in size or your needs involve manipulating the data to some extent, it also generally brings some external costs to get your data transformed and imported into the HubSpot system.


There are 5 primary options to move your data into HubSpot. Below are simple CRM tools listed in order of cost:



1. CSV is Free (Yes, you read that correctly).  If you can get all of your CRM data into a CSV file, then you can use HubSpot’s native migration CSV tool and move all of your data for free.  This is a perfect fit for a customer that has a lower data count, fewer records, few custom fields, objects, or special requests. Think about this option for HubSpot Starter and some Pro conversions.  There are some needs that are not currently served by the HubSpot tool, such as custom merging or dedupe rules, combining multiple fields, objects like tickets or deal line items, the data is already loaded into HubSpot and must be preserved, and dupes that need merging.


2. Internal Staff ($0.00+, so, not technically free, but you know…).  If you have a company with an IT staff that has experience moving datasets, then you are in a position to assign the project internally with no external costs. In turn, it can be managed within your own company and allows you ample time to work with your internal staff to make sure the project runs crisply.  Please make sure that your IT staff has done these types of projects before. We see new customers come to us periodically with messes created by an internal resource that did not have the proper experience in moving data. We want to ensure you’re met with complete data accuracy.


3. Self Service using Trujay ($99+). Trujay can connect directly to your current CRM and automatically move your data over into HubSpot using a migration wizard. There is a fee that starts at $99 and upwards, depending on the record count being moved. We suggest getting an estimate so we can offer you the best possible quote. This is a good fit for HubSpot Starter and some Pro customers where there are lower record counts or situations where the data is not too complex.


4. Custom Migration Project ($750+).  Our team can move your data for you and take the burden of potential data mistakes and messes away. Mistakes can occur using an internal (or external) resource that isn’t well versed in data migration projects.  We provide a seasoned account manager in your time zone and manage the project professionally to make sure your CRM data is cleaned, filtered, and moved using best practices. This CRM program starts at $750. The average cost for our custom projects has run right at $1,500.


5. Migration and Enablement Combination ($1.75K+).  Trujay offers a unique service where we combine the moving of data with onboarding and enabling your sales team.  The combination drives an increase in efficiency, as you have the same company consulting you on the proper movement of your data and HubSpot setup and enablement. In this case, Trujay does everything that is needed to get you moved into your new HubSpot CRM.

Trujay’s abilities range from simple CRM guidance to CRM data management. We work with organizations of all sizes, especially small businesses. Migration pricing can range, so we want to help you find the best CRM program that fits the needs of your business.


Please download our short guide on cleaning your data and we wish you ‘lower costs’ in your coming migration project.


Keep your conversion open to moving fast or slow, depending on your business schedule. Migration expertise is a MUST because the consultation definitely wraps around our onboarding offer where strategy is necessary. Try out our Trujay’s onboarding service and keep all the aspects of your data migration project under one roof.


Our Guided Migration Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support. You’ll have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. For more details on our Guided Service, check out this page.


If you would like more information or want to review the details of a coming project, please complete our free consult request form.