Migration Services & Solutions

Discover ways to move and maintain your data with Trujay’s legendary service.

Wizard Migration Service

Migration Wizard

Migrate your CRM data effortlessly and conveniently with our Migration Wizard. No technical skills required.

Guided Self-Service Migration

Guided Migration

Looking for a little extra support? Migrate with our self-service tool & the guidance of a CRM data expert.

Custom Migration Service

Custom Migration

A seamless CRM transition, with support from our expert customer support team throughout the entire process.

Data Management

Data Management

Beyond migration, our experts are an extension of your team: for integration, onboarding, health assessment, and more.

Wizard Migration Service

Migration Wizard

Migrate your CRM data effortlessly and conveniently with a powerful Migration Wizard. 

No risks and no technical skills required.

Free Sample Migration

Import Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Notes, Emails, Attachments, and Users from 25+ supported CRMs or CSV files.

Objects and Users Matching

Select data objects you want to migrate, map data fields and users according to your needs, or create new users.

Connects Data Fields

The auto-mapping option will set up a custom relationship between records, excluding fields or records that are no longer valid.

Custom Fields

Generate custom fields using our self-service tool to move custom objects, or migrate default records.

Estimate Migration Cost

Calculate the price based on migrated records using our estimator tool.

How the Migration Wizard Works

Choose your current and future CRM platforms
Enter all required credentials
Modify the objects you want to migrate
Start free sample migration
Evaluate results and launch the full migration
Guided Self-Service Migration

Guided Migration

When you’re not looking to complete a data migration on your own,  use our Migration Wizard tool with support from a trusted CRM data expert at Trujay. 

You’ll still get the automated magic of our Wizard, but with the extra support along the way.

Custom Migration Service

Custom Migration

Looking for a full-service solution? We’ve got you covered the entire way.

Our personal approach avoids pitfalls, with our customer success team at the helm of the entire process.

Any CRM Platform

Using our Custom Migration service, you can safely transfer data to and from any CRM system.

All Objects / Data Sources

Transfer any object to the desired platform, including the custom ones. Our team will analyze and clean out your database.

Any Conditions

We'll help you avoid pitfalls during the migration process. Trujay’s experts will perform the data migration and deliver the results.

Personal Success Manager

Your account manager will help you set up the data import, guide you through the entire process, and answer all your questions.

Pre/Post-Migration Validity

Our QA department examines your migration results for each object, validating results, according to your requirements.


You will receive all features of automated data migration with a personal approach to your migration.

Data Management

Data Management

More than migration, our experts are an extension of your team and your goals.

Data Health Assessment

Trujay’s Health Assessment was developed to help identify potential issues through a deep analysis of your entire CRM, pinpointing bad data records that are incorrect, duplicate, improperly formatted, or missing fields. 

Data Integration: IntegrateHQ

IntegrateHQ was built to connect any data or system to HubSpot directly,  with expert-experience and knowledge behind every integration projects.

Designed to fit variable user levels, IHQ adapts to any level of technical experience.


NeverBounce offers verification of email addresses and address cleaning, providing users with real-time notifications and analysis of email domain wealth.

Onboarding Service

So you’ve made the switch to HubSpot … now what? 

We don’t just move your data to a new solution, we also consult you on it. Our customer success managers guide you through every feature, providing strategy and support to ensure you get the most out of your CRM.

A trusted partner by over 25 leading CRMs.

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