New Custom CRM Sign-up Link for HubSpot Partner

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New Custom CRM Sign-up Link for HubSpot Partner
by Marketing


HubSpot. The hottest CRM solution on the market. You want it, you’re interested in it, but you don’t exactly know how or where to start.


HubSpot came out with a new way for prospects to get started quickly and easily. The CRM Sign-up Link lets you sign up for HubSpot instantaneously and helps improve lead registrations.



HubSpot Partner



What is HubSpot’s CRM Sign-up Link?



HubSpot’s CRM Sign Up Link can help you get started with HubSpot immediately. With Trujay, you can test and see how your data will look in HubSpot using our Free Sample Migration


Use the signup link to sign up for HubSpot, then use Trujay to see how your data will look and feel in it. 


After you sign up for HubSpot, below is how you can conduct your Free Sample Migration.



Test out your data in HubSpot using Trujay’s Self-Service Tool



  1. Visit Trujay’s Self-Service Wizard. Enter your credentials for your old CRM and your new login information for HubSpot. Confirm your email to receive your sample results when it’s time.


how to test data in hubspot


use your email for hubspot data migration


2. Choose HubSpot as your new CRM platform and select the URL of your CRM. Click the “Accept” button to allow access to your HubSpot account.


3. Click the “Fields Mapping” button to set up the fields you want to migrate to HubSpot. If everything looks good, click “Free Sample Migration”.


sign up for hubspot and try trujay


  • To check the mapping between object fields, click on the “Change fields mapping” button next to the desired field. You will be redirected to a page with a field list for your source and target CRMs. 



Fields Mapping


There are two modes for field mapping:


Simple Mapping Mode: this mode lets you choose which fields you want to migrate, or you can skip it, however, you will not be able to see the fields’ types.


hubspot partner crm sign-up link



Advanced Mapping Mode allows you to:


  • Find out the types of fields in your source and target CRMs that correspond


  • Check if the field is native or custom


  • Check the field usage in your source CRM


  • Match dropdown fields values


  • Perform advanced mapping for complex fields (fields with multiple lines)


  • Apply filters to see only mapped or only unmapped field lists


hubspot partner crm sign-up link


NOTE: If the mapping process is confusing for you, not a problem. Just contact to get help on getting a Guided Migration Service. This is where we can do the mapping for you, or if you’d like, the entire Self-Service Migration for you. 


4. After you set mapping fields, click “Start Free Sample Migration”.


5. Check your sample results after the migration from your old CRM to HubSpot. If you’re satisfied, click the “Add Funds to Start Full Migration” button.


hubspot partner crm sign-up link



Trujay’s Guided Migration Service to HubSpot 



Let’s say you’re happy with your new HubSpot sign-up, you liked the process of testing it out so far, but committing your data towards the free sample migration doesn’t suit you. Our Guided Migration Service is perfect for this exact situation.


If you’re unsatisfied with the results of your sample migration to HubSpot or were confused by object mapping, we have something called the Guided Self-Service Migration. 


Our Guided Service provides you with an account manager to review the migration and focus on your needs. We can come on and guide you while you’re mapping your fields, or do the whole thing for you from start to finish. 


If you feel like you can map objects on your own but need assistance thereafter, we can jump in at any point and guide you through the rest. If you choose to have us complete the entire self-service for you, you’ll see the entire process done via screen share. 



To get more information on our Guided Self-Service Migration, contact or reply to your sample migration results email. 


Wrap Up 



So, you learned what HubSpot’s CRM Sign Up Link is used for. Now that you’re signed up, you now know how to test out the system using Trujay’s Free Sample Migration. 


If you didn’t like the process of generating your Sample Migration, you can contact to get a Guided Migration, where we do the entire Self-Service project for you. 


HubSpot is one of the best CRM solutions available. Its interface is easy to use and has great tracking capabilities for marketing, sales, and services. 


To try out HubSpot, sign up here and then get going on your Free Sample Migration. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. We’re excited to work with you.