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And why you should go with Trujay’s

Top 5 Reasons to Position Trujay as an Onboarding Option

#1 Shared knowledge

Because we’re doing a customer’s migration, we’ll also be reviewing and consulting on their HubSpot configuration. Whether its custom fields, pipelines, or stages, we’re going to help them define their data and sales processes. Our implementation team will take the value attained from the migration process and apply it to the onboarding moving forward.

Shared knowledge


We can keep the migration and onboarding under one umbrella. It will be much a more efficient process for the customer to have just one conversation rather than 2 or more in regards to mapping, settings, or setup.

#3 Flexibility

Our onboarding schedule can move at the pace of the customers. We can move quickly or more slowly, depending on their needs. Our scheduling is designed to cater to the pace of their business and conduct onboarding when they have time for it . Whatever the customer needs regarding timing, we can facilitate.



Trujay enhanced the consulting team in 2019, with new consultants and skills. We did this to provide superior quality with our CRM and marketing onboarding services. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus in 2020, and the first months have already shown us a return on our investment.

#5 Price

Trujay can offer pricing that reflects a combination of migration and onboarding services.


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When does it make sense to use Trujay’s Onboarding?

There will be times when it makes sense for customers to do onboarding with their target CRM if it’s available, but there will also be times when a customer prefers to keep it within a single team.
Use Trujay’s Onboarding when:

  • You’re brand new to the CRM
  • You don’t know the CRM or its features at all
  • You need a complete transformation, new journey, or rebirth in your CRM experience
  • You require a great amount of guidance and exposure to the CRM, time your representative may not have
    (but we do!)
  • You want substantial change to your sales, marketing, and/or services processes
  • You had a bad situation with your previous CRM solution