Partner Feature: Captevrix and Performance Painting Contractors, Inc.

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Partner Feature: Captevrix and Performance Painting Contractors, Inc.
by Marketing

Captevrix is a HubSpot Gold Agency that provides sales enablement, marketing, and integration support within HubSpot’s platform. The company specializes in inbound marketing, increasing site traffic, and boosting sales. Located in St. Augustine, Florida, Captevrix works hand-in-hand with its clients to provide strategic growth plans.


The Background:


Captevrix’s client, Performance Painting Contractors Inc., contracted the company to transition their former CRM (Pipeline Deals) to HubSpot. As Captevrix began the migration, HubSpot referred the company to Trujay to assist in completing the project.


The Problem:

Performance Painting could not get an accurate picture of their efforts in the Pipeline Deals CRM. The company was using HubSpot for Marketing, and the goal was to fulfill advance reporting capabilities that were not available in PipelineDeals.


The Challenge:


Human error can have a cascading effect: especially with issues regarding delta migration. Before starting the project, the Trujay team found an error due to some filter toggles. While every project is different, certain filters are standard; thus, a portion of the delta records did not migrate. When the client noticed the problem, Trujay immediately remedied the issue.


The Impact:


“The results were nearly perfect. For a complex migration with this much data and many associations, I am pleasantly surprised,” Aaron Dyess, president of Captevrix, says. “From the initial conversation with the project management team at Trujay, everything went smoothly. There is a defined process in place, which was very impressive.”


“My favorite aspect of this project was the ability to speak with our account manager through many avenues (slack was my favorite). While there is a time difference, you wouldn’t know it. Lucy performed as if it was 10 am, ” Dyess stated.


“The account manager was terrific, and I would and will highly recommend Trujay to anyone as well as fully intend to contract with [Trujay] again when we need [Trujay’s] services.”


To learn more about Trujay’s partner program and how we can assist in complex or straightforward migration, chat with a representative or contact us directly.