Trujay Partner Program

Team up with our data experts to sell migrations, integrations, and added services to your clients at big savings and exclusive benefits.

Trujay partner program

Better, together.

It’s no secret when two good things combine, great things happen.

That’s why we’ve established the Trujay Partner Program, an exclusive opportunity to network, attract business, improve conversions and add revenue streams. 

Sounds good, right? 

Explore our Partner Tiers

Trujay partner program

Featured Partners

Svensson & Friends
Svensson & Friends
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Svensson & Friends is a B2B growth agency. We help tech companies achieve scalable growth with digital marketing and sales strategies.

Core Services:
GTM Strategy, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Automation, Sales Enablement, CRM.

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Blend Marketing is an inbound demand generation agency and Elite HubSpot Partner. We help B2B tech and professional services businesses grow, by designing and developing high performing websites on the HubSpot CMS Hub and delivering results-driven inbound marketing strategies.

Core Services:
Website design and development, Inbound marketing, Lead generation, Content marketing, Marketing automation, HubSpot onboarding and migration.

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What's in it for you?

Simple. Big Savings. 

We’ll structure the partnership to offer reseller packages, custom discounts, or all-in-one billing solutions. How you pay is up to you: we can bill you, or your customer. 

Prefer to package commission-based to a service discount? We’ll make it simple: earn commission on every license/migration you sell. Our focus is making the service work for you – and your client.

Bronze Partner
10% Discount< $25K in Sales
  • Save 10% on every service you sell, up to $25,000 cumulative sales.

Silver Partner
15% Discount$25-75K in Sales
  • Save 15% on every service you sell, up to $75,000 cumulative sales.​

Gold Partner
20% Discount> $75K in Sales
  • Save 20% on every service you sell, upon reaching $75,000 in sales.

Let's break it down.

(and no, we don't mean your dance moves.)

Some projects are simple; others might need a bit more assistance.
That’s why we’ve got three unique ways to partner with Trujay:

Use our online Migration Wizard; when you’ve got this handled. You may not require support from our team, but don’t worry; we’re still here if you get stuck.

When a semi-custom or guided wizard migration might be a better fit, or when you’re heavily involved with configuration and setup, we’ll ensure success behind the scenes and let you take the lead with your customer.

You, your client, and our expert team customize the migration together, and communication is shared. You are encouraged to join kickoff, mapping, and testing calls, but you can also be more hands-off and let our team take the lead as needed.

We understand every customer (and their use case) can be unique, and not all uses will fit into one of these three molds. We’ll work with you to optimize and a solution to your needs.

We understand every customer (and their use case) can be unique, and not all uses will fit into one of these three molds. We’ll work with you to optimize and a solution to your needs.

The nitty-gritty.

As a trusted partner, there are a few things we should make clear.

We never ask for credit.

This is your customer, and your deal. We respect your lead here.

We don’t give uninvited or unsolicited advice.

Our onboarding, consulting, support and admin services are offered only if asked for.

We won’t upsell your customer.

We’ll work with you to craft a custom solution.

We support 24+ CRMs.

Ready to join the Trujay Partner Program?

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