Product Feature: Objects of a Feather Flock Together

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Product Feature: Objects of a Feather Flock Together
by Marketing
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Whether you are deciding to move from another system or considering your first CRM, it’s no secret they are the DNA of your business. As such, each CRM generally follows the structure of Objects, Records, Properties, and Relations between them. 


Before we dive deeper, let’s review relevant terminology and components:


  • CRM Object: a type of relationship or process that your business has. (Essentially a kind of dataset that groups essential information.);
  • Record: an individual instance of an object;
  • Property: field created to store information about your records.


For various reasons, when moving to a new CRM, you may not want the standard “out-of-the-box” object migration from one object to another. Case and point, migrating leads from your source CRM into Deals in your target or changing the target object of activity, from Calls to Tasks.


That’s why we wanted to provide a solution to keep your data intact, wherever you migrate.  Introducing Object Flocking, a powerful addition to our custom migration projects.


Object Flocking provides the ability to migrate any object into another object instead of limiting configurations of customer schema to their new CRM, based on business needs and preferences. This update to Trujay’s technology and services provides a super-easy way to create added customization for our clients. 


Even better news, we plan to roll out this functionality to add custom objects and integrate them into our Migration Wizard later this year.


Ready to take flight? Contact us or let’s chat; we love to talk data.