How to Migrate from Salesforce to Freshsales Remotely

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How to Migrate from Salesforce to Freshsales Remotely
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

Did you decide to migrate to new CRM? Is Freshales your new cup of tea?


In this post, you’ll get a better understanding of the migration process from Salesforce to Freshasales and Freshasales as a fast-growing product company.



How does Freshsales distinguish itself from Salesforce?


It’s safe to say that Freshsales is the best Salesforce alternative, as it costs less and scales with you.



  • Easier to use


When you sign into Freshsales for the first time, you will see a clean screen with a simple layout that’s easy on the eye. The user interface is intuitive enough to manage on your own without explanation. You are able to adapt to the new CRM solution in just a matter of hours. 



  • Doesn’t switch between multiple tools


You don’t need the CRM and five other tools to guide your business anymore; Freshsales alone will do. With Freshsales, you can get the whole picture of your leads, generate reports, make calls, manage your pipeline, and see lead profiles from one single tool. Forget about switching between multiple tools and pay attention to sales productivity.



  • Increased automation


You don’t need to make numerous entries in a CRM anymore. Freshsales users can quickly and easily get to know their leads by auto-enriching their profiles. Freshsales is looking at this with Smartforms. As you repeat several actions often, it’s easier if the sales CRM does it for you. 



  • Transparent pricing


With Freshsales, you get what you see on the pricing page. Startups can check out a free version of Freshsales that includes unlimited users, contacts, and all-around support. Our plans meet your business requirements and stay friendly with your wallet. Freshsales offers the following editions:


  • Blossom – $12 per user per month, billed annually
  • Garden – $25 per user per month, billed annually
  • Estate – $49 per user per month, billed annually



  • Product Features:


  • Task and territory management
  • Calendar/Reminder system
  • Email marketing
  • Internal chat integration
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Lead scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Mobile access



  • Support


Freshsales has free email, phone, and chat support.



  • Built-in phone


With Freshsales’s built-in phone, you can buy local/toll-free phone numbers and assign them to sales reps. In addition, call conversations are automatically logged and linked to the right lead/contact.



  • Email management



Freshsales email management provides you with a range of excellent features, such as the ability to see conversation history, emails awaiting responses, and a shared inbox for sales emails. Moreover, you can track, schedule emails, and create personalized email templates.



Before Migrating from Salesforce to Freshsales



  • Clean up data


Remove all unnecessary data and records before performing a migration from Salesforce to Freshsales. It’ll be easier to work with your future CRM and focus on the needed data.



  • Get secured


Create a backup and retain it even after the migration from Salesforce to Freshsales is complete. This way, you can eliminate any possible data loss.



  • Validation


Make sure you have an active account in both CRM systems to transfer your data.



  • Notify your employees


Inform your team members about the benefits and features of the new platform. If needed, create training courses or arrange informative meetings.



Let’s Migrate with Trujay!


  1. Visit Trujay’s Self-Service Wizard 

Note: Trujay’s Self -Service tool is a perfect opportunity to transfer a limited amount of data automatically from your current CRM to another for free, without risks. You can evaluate results and proceed with the full migration.


  • Select the needed CRM platform type from the drop-down menu
  • Provide your Freshsales URL and API
  • Click the “Test Connection” button 

  1. Choose Salesforce as your CRM platform type and click the “Authorize” button. You’ll be redirected to your Salesforce account. If you are already logged in, just click the “Allow” button.

How to migrate from Salesforce to Freshsales

  1. Click the ‘Customize Mapping’ button to set up the fields you want to migrate from Salesforce to Freshsales. If everything looks good, click “Start Sample”

  1. Check your sample results after the migration from Salesforce to Freshsales. If you’re satisfied, click the “Start Full Migration” button

results of data migration

Note: You can re-run your free sample migration and change field mapping as many times as you wish at no cost.



After Migrating from Salesforce to Freshsales:


  • Check if the records are transferred to their correct placement
  • Look to see if the relations between transferred items are properly restored
  • Create personalized workflow rules
  • Modify the filters for reporting tools


Another way of migration from Salesforce to Freshsales is our GUIDED SELF-SERVICE MIGRATION. 


So now you know how the self-service tool works. If you don’t want to use the self-service tool on your own or think that you can’t do it properly, we are here to help you!


Our Guided Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support and have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. 


We’re always ready to guide you through every step of the self-service tool so that you can feel comfortable and know that you’re doing it right, saving you time and money (and headaches!). For more details on our Guided Service, check out this page.




With more information about Freshasales advantages, pre, and post-migration arrangements, you are absolutely ready to perform the data transfer from Salesforce to Freshsales. Wondering what to expect with Trujay’s migration? Download our free handbook.


If you have any questions, contact us to schedule a call. Our support team is always ready to help.