SFDC vs. HubSpot Native Import Tool: Why Choose Trujay First

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SFDC vs. HubSpot Native Import Tool: Why Choose Trujay First
by Marketing

Often when new and existing HubSpot customers choose to migrate their records from Salesforce to HubSpot, they find that the native HubSpot import tool doesn’t support all of the data that they need to be able to import.

To save time and money, they will try to use the native tool to import just the ‘core’ objects, then they’ll approach Trujay to migrate the rest of the data.  


What You’ll Miss Before Trujay

The HubSpot native tool offers a more narrow, cumbersome process, requiring users to set up the mappings by installing and configuring the integration/sync.

When importing from Salesforce to HubSpot using this process, you will currently only get Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Tasks (plus Campaigns if you have the patience to import them one-by-one). This means you will be leaving behind Notes, Attachments, Activities (other than tasks), Products, Opportunity Line Items, Comments, and any native and custom objects that you may need.

Additionally, the SFDC import isn’t able to easily filter the data, so all records within the available objects will be synced across unless you set up the user permissions in Salesforce to restrict the sync user from being able to access all records. The native tool is limiting by not allowing the option of setting up any if/then logic for the import or reassigning owners in the event that an employee has left the company. On the other hand…



What You’ll Get With Trujay

Trujay can customize the migration to allow you to choose to overwrite the HubSpot data (in the event that you’ve been utilizing HubSpot prior to the import) and only update empty fields or missing activities/attachments in HubSpot or create all records as new.

Trujay also allows you to customize your matching criteria, so you don’t have to match companies on a domain, contacts, or email address. This way, Trujay can ensure that duplicates aren’t created in HubSpot, and you’re getting all of the data that you need.

Let the Trujay team help your company efficiently customize your next migration to save both time and money. Click here to learn more about Trujay’s capabilities, services, and migration projects.

For example, our Guided Migration Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support. You’ll have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. For more details on our Guided Service, check out this page.