The Best Customer Feedback Tools for Small Business

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The Best Customer Feedback Tools for Small Business
by Marketing

Do you know what your customers think of your products and services? If not, you ought to find out, especially if you are running a business.

Small businesses and marketers tend to depend on customer feedback to analyze the performance of their products. But once you are successful in achieving the necessary leads, you need to follow up with your customers and team at every step of the process.

Retaining loyal customers is the main objective of your business. So collecting customer feedback will help you gradually improve your products and services to provide the customer experience they expect from you.

Now for efficiently collecting customer feedback, you will need the help of customer feedback tools. You cannot go door-to-door asking how your customers find your products and services. So these tools will do the work for you! Now, are you confused about where to start exploring? For your convenience, we have listed some top customer feedback tools that you can try out to improve your customer experience and show you exactly how to build customer trust over time.

1. Fynzo Customer feedback system

This feedback system allows customers to collect feedback on the go. You can easily derive actionable insights from the leads you gain and access them through any device of your preference.


    • Receive real-time reports. Download the data received in Excel, CSV, SPSS, and pdf formats directly.
    • Integrate with the apps you love like Zapier, Google Analytics, Pixel, and Slack for consistent customer feedback management.
  • Share completed surveys with your audience on all of your social media platforms:
    • Email
    • Share links
    • Embed on your website
  • Circulate them with the help of QR codes
  • Collaborate with your team members and use advanced survey features, including jump logic, piping, and custom variables.


  • This is a relatively new customer feedback software among its competitors.

2. Survey Monkey

This is one of the most feature-rich customer satisfaction survey tools for businesses. It has multiple collaborative and configurable attributes along with the high security it provides.


    • It offers exceptionally high security with its encrypted survey platform.
    • The interface is fast, easy, and efficient for collecting employee feedback, product feature assessment, and customer feedback.
  • It offers vast options of feedback collection and provides results in the form of graphs, diagrams for a straightforward interpretation of the results.


  • Fewer customization options and only basic survey templates are available for free. Professional ones require users to purchase expensive plans.

3. SoGoSurvey

Its experience management platform allows businesses to gather real-time insights for the improvement of customer experience. Its SoGoCX system covers almost every aspect of the customer experience.


    • Free options available with a wide variety of survey templates to use from.
    • Its intuitive interface makes it easier for first-time users to decode the survey language.
  • Offers exemplary customer service and provides multiple options for distributing surveys.


  • Cost is quite an issue for this customer feedback software. Small businesses have a strain of meeting the monetary needs, so pro plans mostly get canceled after a few months.

4. Checkbox Survey

This is a professional survey tool suitable for individuals, teams, and even large enterprises for professional customer feedback management. It offers data export/import, email management, social media integration, and tons of other valuable features.


    • It offers multiple customizable templates which allow businesses to deliver unique customer experiences.
    • Multiple question types available are more than adequate.
  • In the reports created by this customer feedback software, the graphs are very well made and clear for deriving insights.


  • The newest version has some bugs that decrease the functionality, speed, and accessibility of surveys.

5. ProProfs

Build surveys right from scratch. Utilize the different themes and designs available on its online library and build a professional survey just the way you want.


    • Ready to go templates are the most beneficial aspect of this customer feedback system.
    • Detailed reports prepared by this survey maker are beneficial for sharing the necessary areas of improvement with your team.
  • Its help section, along with the FAQs, allows users to learn ways to utilize this survey maker to its fullest. Also, the website is easy to navigate.


  • Few bugs occasionally arrive on this survey maker, but the customer service team is quite helpful in assisting users during these times.

6. Kwik Surveys

This customer survey tool is a product of and has over 17 years of survey experience. It helps small businesses send out efficient surveys for feedback, NPS, educational and other purposes.


    • The drag and drop feature makes survey creation easier than most online survey tools.
    • It offers free unlimited questions and allows the collection of total responses.
  • The survey questions are of a wide variety, and it helps users build customizable surveys.


  • It has a minimal choice of readymade templates and so is good only if you want primary surveys. Also, cross-tabulation survey reports are not available.

7. Typeform

This web-based customer feedback software allows users to create surveys having a sleek design quickly. Its modern interface offers a unique characteristic that is the display of only one question at a time.


    • Create surveys, polls, quizzes, questionnaires, and reports.
    • Include your brand logos to personalize each form you send out.
    • Easy drag and drop interface allows users to create surveys quickly.
  • For building attractive surveys, you can add videos, use brand fonts and colors along with background images of your choice.


  • There isn’t a default form type available for quizzes. Also, no default email or message confirmations are available.

image of Zonka feedback homepage

8. Zonka Feedback

This is one of the most easy-to-use and comprehensive Customer Feedback Tool that allows its users not only to capture feedback, but also manage and improve the overall customer experience. With Zonka Feedback, you can take feedback on-the-go.


    • Provides various ready-to-use templates and 40+ question types, you can customize them as per your requirement.

    • Allows Whitelabelling of surveys and adding your own branding.

    • Create multilingual surveys(surveys in different languages) for diverse customers.

    • Measure CX metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES.

    • Send surveys through multiple channels – SMS, email, website, iPad, iOS, Android tablets, smartphones, and QR codes.

    • Set triggers to send surveys automatically at every touchpoint or periodically.

    • Get real-time notifications for responses received.

    • Assign tasks to your teams to take action on feedback and close the feedback loop effectively to prevent churn.

    • Works offline also, can save response data for weeks without internet.

    • Offers powerful integrations like Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Shopify, Zendesk, and more.

    • Free trial is available for 15 days.


  • It doesn’t have a Free version, you can only take a free trial for 15 days and after that you have to buy a plan to continue.

Wrapping Up

If you are running a small business, these easy-to-use essential survey tools will suffice. They offer a wide range of features at a low cost. Check out the pros and cons mentioned for each software and let us know if there are some tools we could add to this list. Mention them in the comments below.