The Best Salesforce Integration Tools to Increase Business Productivity

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The Best Salesforce Integration Tools to Increase Business Productivity
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

The Best Salesforce Integration Tools to Increase Business Productivity


What’s the best way to make the most out of your use of Salesforce? 


Integrate, integrate, integrate!


Integrating your Salesforce with existing platforms can help optimize your sales process and track your marketing efforts in one intuitive dashboard.


You can quickly respond to inquiries, predict consumer needs, and make data-driven decisions. Integration is necessary if you want your company to grow and prosper.


Let’s take a closer look at the best salesforce integration tools.



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Slack is one of the most useful communication and team collaboration hubs on the market. Slack integration with Salesforce helps teams remain up-to-date on their records inside Slack, enabling them to adapt more quickly to new opportunities and work together seamlessly. 


Using custom alerts in Slack, your team can receive updates to key Salesforce details, as well as scan and preview Salesforce records such as accounts, opportunities, and cases using slash order.



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Mailchimp is one of the most common Email Service Providers (ESP) with a Salesforce app offering seamless integration between both platforms. 


After setting it up, you will be able to monitor leads, contacts, and list views of your customers in Salesforce. By synchronizing your data across channels, you’ll simplify your workflow and gain greater insight into marketing commitments.



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DocuSign is the most common app on the Salesforce AppExchange for electronic signatures. It enables you to build and submit signature documents from inside Salesforce and direct signers through the signing process. With Lightning integration, you can activate acts, monitor status, and automatically save agreements to the original record.


Its simplistic layout that adapts to whatever device you want to use makes it very easy to use for both you and your customers.




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Marketo is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses track leads, gain access to insights into sales, grasp the revenue cycle, and even participate in social marketing. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and helps the stores with a super-tool that offers customer service and leads management.


Salesforce users will integrate Marketo to learn how much a consumer is ready for sales and cultivate those marked as potential leads. It also doubles up as an email marketing tool, which is also a critical marketing department necessity. Marketo is available on Salesforce’s website, AppExchange, and it’s also Trujay’s supported CRM.



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Orbis is a scalable integration solution that combines different services, including Salesforce, with ERP systems, providing consistency and agility for companies. It is quite SAP-centric, designed mainly to integrate SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


Orbis is based in the Netherlands and deals primarily with SMEs worldwide. They have a track record of developing creative tech solutions and offer a variety of integrations off-the-peg as well as tailor-made add-ons. Their systems with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid operating models are versatile. Their services promote the Internet of Things, Big Data, real-time analytics, third party applications, business networks, and more.



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Quip is a mobile collaboration suite that contains all the related functionality under one roof, such as team conversations, spreadsheets, and documents. As such, it encourages the completion of further work with greater cooperation by the team. Integration with Quip Salesforce offers an immersive, linked, and collaborative environment.


Large banks, Fortune 100 firms, and tech firms have already streamlined their efficiency through the introduction of Quip Salesforce. Quip provides more options for Salesforce clients and makes better choices. Moreover, Quip ensures a more substantial report review for deeper comprehension and encourages the exchange of incredible real-time information in Meetups sales.


While this app is technically not in the AppExchange, it is one of Salesforce’s best team collaboration solutions. Quip integrates the creation and editing of documents with chat and comment functionality to allow teams to interact about projects while working on them.


This platform helps teams collaboratively build and edit documents in real-time, and user-controlled alerts keep team members updated on any updates or mentions. It operates with offline features through desktop and native mobile apps to work on the go.



salesforce integration tool

Conga Grid makes the editing/management of data much more quickly. 


Congra Grid lets you navigate your Salesforce data easier by allowing you to edit and view your records as an Excel-like grid, moving from line to line, instead of clicking over and over to access and update data via Salesforce documents.


By making finding and handling information simpler, you can save a lot of time, resulting in better documents, higher productivity, and more insights.






All the integration tools we’ve featured here work well for a wide variety of businesses. It works for more prominent firms able to provide some of their technical support. Salesforce experts offer excellent, user-friendly solutions that suit most budgets and business goals for smaller and medium-sized companies.


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