The Importance of Data Integration

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The Importance of Data Integration
by Marketing

How does integration help us?

With today’s technology, merging data into one platform allows for immediate decisions, the ability to anticipate buying trends and recommend new products to customers, thus giving companies a competitive edge in today’s markets.



Data and Business Intelligence Tools

(Data: [dade]. Noun. Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.) We live in a data-driven environment. Data is everywhere and becoming more and more important in every business decision. Having data collected at our fingertips allows businesses to quickly adjust their needs to fit their changing demands. Many times, high volumes of data are gathered together and put into easily readable formats for simple understanding at a glance. Using effective business intelligence tools assists managers with day to day decision making.



Integrating Data to One Source

Consolidating data is an important business intelligence tool that provides employees with information in order to make better decisions. Many companies store their data in many applications, so integrating them into one dashboard allows better understanding in an overall view, as well as quicker access to many types of data at once. Understanding data and how it is best used will help companies increase competitiveness, have a better knowledge of customer preferences, and know where to spend more time in order to increase company growth.


Save Money by Data Integration

Companies can save money by making improvements in their data collection, storage, analysis, and usability. Easier access to a single source where data is stored allows employees to save time by reading data at a glance instead of gathering information from one source or another and then analyzing it. Merged data leads to increased productivity. Better decision-making leads to a better bottom line, now and in the future.